NEW Membership Management Preview is Now Available on PheedLoop Dashboard!

February Promos!

Before we begin, we wanted to highlight some ongoing promos that you might have missed or didn’t know about. So without further ado, check out these amazing promotions you can take advantage of this month:

  1. Community & Member Management → 60 days FREE for the first 20 customers that sign-up. 
  2. Our January promotion was so hot that we've decided to extend it through February → 1x Advanced Networking & Meeting Booking credit for FREE to clients that sign an agreement by the end of February.

For more information, please send us a pricing request on or reach out to to learn more!

Membership Preview 

Now that we’ve announced the launch of our brand new Community & Member Management product update, we are going to slowly start rolling out all the new features that we’ve been working on for the past several months. This week, we have an exciting new feature launching that users can try out for FREE, regardless of whether or not you have Membership Management purchased already. Keep reading to learn more about “Membership Preview” and how event admins can make use of this tool on their PheedLoop dashboard! 

Key Features 

Membership Preview is making it easier than ever to manage your event attendees and members in one place. There are 2 key features from Membership Preview we’re releasing this week that event admins can test out on their backend dashboard: 

  1. Contact Directory: View all attendees who have ever participated in one of your events in one place. Get a summary of their registrations, tickets, events attended, and more!
  2. Attendee Organizations: Set up a pre-set list of Organizations that attendees can be forced to select from when completing a registration for your event in PheedLoop.

Contact Directory

The new Contacts Directory allows you to view all of your attendees who have ever attended any of your events in one centralized place, making it easy to access their information in just a few clicks! The data for each contact is synchronized across all events, so you can easily keep track of your attendees and their corresponding information, i.e. registration, tickets, events attended, etc. You can filter this data, download it as a CSV and use it as you see fit. The advanced filtering options allow you to customize your view and focus on information that matters most to you. With Membership Management, you can take further action on these contacts, including creating custom fields, bulk editing and tagging, adding notes, sending marketing emails, and much more!

Organization Directory 

The new Organization Directory is a powerful feature that allows you to upload a list of Organizations that are relevant to you and your events. This feature extends the previously available pre-filled organization list, allowing you to set up a pre-set list of organizations that attendees must select from during registration. This is a relevant feature if you are looking to run an event registration and would like attendees to select from a dropdown field instead of a free-form text field. You are able to set up as many organizations as you like, specifying an internal code (for your records), as well as a tax percent. The tax percent allows you to charge a different tax percent to event registrants that belong to different organizations.

Wrap Up

Get ready to take your events to the next level. The brand new availability of Membership Preview will revolutionize the way you manage your events. If you were ever interested in PheedLoop’s Membership Management, this is a great way to try it out and get a sneak peek of what the new product line is all about! The Contact Directory offers a centralized view of all attendees and their information, while the Attendee Organizations allows for a pre-set list of organizations to be selected during event registration. These two tools are set to make event management easier and more efficient for event admins.

And don’t forget about our February promos - we’re offering a FREE trial of our Community Membership Management for the first 20 customers who sign up using this link. And we’ve also extended our January promo for Advanced Networking & Meeting Booking for customers who sign an agreement by the end of February. 

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