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November 9, 2023
Product Updates

NEW Introducing PheedLoop’s Event App Gamification Raffle Feature!

NEW Introducing PheedLoop’s Event App Gamification Raffle Feature!

As always, you’ve asked for it, we’ve delivered it. Gamification is one of the most engaging, fun, and exciting ways to captivate your group of attendees, and we're thrilled to introduce a NEW feature that seamlessly integrates with our existing Gamification Feature. If you're not familiar with this powerhouse of engagement, take a moment to explore our insightful articles on Gamification and the thrilling Photo Scavenger Hunt.

The spotlight today is on our latest innovation - the Gamification Raffle Feature! Get ready to revolutionize your events and infuse them with a level of excitement that will leave your attendees buzzing long after the curtains close.

PheedLoop’s Gamification Feature Now has A Native Raffle Feature!

Picture this: a dedicated section in the Event App where attendees can eagerly toss their names into the ring for a chance at something extraordinary. But hold your horses, this is not your typical Gamification feature where prizes are earned; this is the Gamification Raffle Feature, a game-changer in event engagement.

Attendees can now purchase entries for a thrilling raffle draw, and as the event admin, you hold the reins, determining how many points it takes to secure a spot in the running. Our suggestion? Go big and create irresistible Raffle Entries, such as a Chance to win an iPad or a Golden Ticket for a premium pass to next year’s event. The stakes just got higher, and so did the excitement!

Raffle Feature Automatically Generates a Winner

The beauty of this feature lies in its simplicity. Once all entries are in, PheedLoop's dashboard takes over, randomly selecting a winner. No more guessing games, no more hassle. This streamlined process ensures a quick and effortless way to identify and inform the lucky individual who struck gold. And guess what? You can witness the magic unfold right there on the dashboard! Quick, efficient, and undeniably thrilling.

Download Gamification Raffle Winner Data in Real Time

But wait, there's more! We understand the importance of data, so we've made it even easier for you. Download the list of participants and winners in real time. Want to send personalized thank-you notes or exclusive offers to everyone who participated? No problem. Need to gather winner details, including addresses? It's all at your fingertips, seamlessly collected and ready for your post-event strategy.

Wrap Up

PheedLoop’s Gamification Raffle Feature isn't just a feature; it's an experience, a game-changer for your events. Elevate engagement, create memorable moments, and watch as your attendees get hooked on the excitement. Ready to level up your events? The Gamification Raffle Feature is your golden ticket!

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