New Gamification Features and Updates on PheedLoop Go!

If you are as invested in Gamification as we are, buckle up because Gamification on PheedLoop Go! is getting a brand new look and feel as we roll out a bunch of new features to make your gamified experiences better than ever! We’re coming out with several customizable options, UI and reporting improvements, as well as multiple ways to collect points to allow you to make the most out of gamified activities at your in-person, hybrid and virtual events!

Back-End Dashboard

To check out all the added Gamification features in the back-end dashboard, simply open up your event and click into Advanced > Gamification, where you will see three tabs: Codes, Prizes and Settings. 

  • Codes: you can create custom text codes for your attendees to claim prizes. Doing so allows you to assign a certain number of points (in the price section) for each prize. Once you create a text code, a QR code will automatically generate, so attendees can either enter the written code or scan the QR code to earn points. The codes can only be claimed once by each attendee. This is great for setting up a scavenger hunt at your event or creating a passport system to award your attendees for visiting exhibitors. 
  • Prizes: you have the ability to create a prize, add an image, a description, and the option to either hide or make your prizes redeemable. Prizes help you to close the loop for a truly rewarding gamification experience. Offering swag, prizes, raffle tickets and discounted tickets to next year’s event are popular choices for event planners on PheedLoop.
  • Settings (NEW): you are now able to automatically award points to your attendees for completing specific actions in the app and virtual portal, including posting in the event feed, voting in polls, asking questions, scanning other attendees, participating in exhibitor lead retrieval, downloading slides, submitting feedback, and more! For each activity, you also have the ability to set limits so that attendees can keep collecting points for completing a specific activity until they reach that limit. 

On top of all this, event admins now also have the ability to add or subtract points manually from specific attendees! To do this, simply navigate to Attendees > select a specific attendee > Actions > Add/Remove Points. This is a brand new feature and super convenient for event planners who want to have more control over the points system for individual attendees. 

Understanding how important tracking engagement and having detailed reports are to clients of PheedLoop, you have the ability to export a detailed report of how many gamification points each user has been awarded and where the points came from. You can even create a custom report containing your own fields according to your preference and the required data you need. But what’s new is the ability to create reports for specific attendees based on gamification actions and gamification codes. To do this, simply navigate to your event’s Dashboard > Data & Reports > Custom Reports > Attendee Report > Fields > Gamification Actions/Gamification Codes. This is really useful because now you get to see detailed custom reports for different activities individual attendees completed, as well as the codes that they scanned. 

PheedLoop Go! Mobile App

Now comes the exciting part, the PheedLoop Go Mobile app! The biggest difference you’ll notice when you go into Gamification on PheedLoop Go! is the re-designed layout. It’s the same Gamification home screen as before, except there are a lot more tabs along the bottom featuring our new updates to collect points. Unlike before where there were only two tabs across the bottom for entering text or scanning QR codes, you now have access to Leaders, Codes, Activity, Prizes, and Info. 

  • Leaders: shows a list of attendees according to the amount of points they have (from highest to lowest). There are two sections on this page: Leaders and Teams. Teams is a new feature where an event admin can assign a Gamification tag to certain attendees, and all the attendees with the same tag can belong to a specific Team. This is super useful for events with different organizations wanting to participate in gamified activities, and helps to add a fun competitive nature to the event (think internal employee engagement events where Sales is competing against Marketing). 
  • Codes: attendees can type in a text code or scan a QR code to claim points. This section shows a list of the accumulated points that have been scanned, used or redeemed for a specific attendee. 
  • Activity: shows a list of actions completed by attendees, from the list of possible actions that can be completed in the Info section.
  • Prizes: There are two sections on this page: All Prizes and My Prizes. All the prizes that are available to be redeemed will show up under All Prizes, whereas a list of all the prizes you already redeemed will appear under My Prizes. 
  • Info: shows a list of all the actions that can be completed and how many points they are worth, depending on what the event planner has set up. This page also includes instructions on how to complete each action item. 

Wrap Up

That wraps up all the updates we have for the new Gamification features on PheedLoop! We’ve been working very hard on keeping Gamification’s user interface as simple as possible, while at the same time pushing out additional features that give users the ability to make the most out of their gamified experiences. We’ve enabled prize redemption for multiple different scenarios to help you keep your attendees engaged, cleaned up the way codes appear so it’s easy to tell which ones have already been scanned, and rolled out significant improvements to Gamification’s reporting capabilities post-event. 

The underlying goal behind all these updates is for our users to incentivize their attendees for completing specific activities at an event and get rewarded for them! And why not add a dash of competition and make it fun while you’re at it with our Team Gamification and live Leaderboards! As always, we’re wide open to feedback and suggestions, so if you have any, don’t forget to reach out or leave us a review. Take advantage of these new features and make sure to level up gamification at your live events with PheedLoop!

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