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August 25, 2020
Product Updates

New Dashboard (Beta) is Live, Watch our Launch Event On-Demand, & August Group Networking Promotion!

New Dashboard (Beta) is Live, Watch our Launch Event On-Demand, & August Group Networking Promotion!
Some quick housekeeping: Our August promotion for free 25x25 group video networking is expiring in less than a week! More information here.

Last week, we hosted our very first launch event publicly for our customers and partners, and it was an incredibly successful experience! We used our own virtual event platform (we even threw in some gamification which people loved!), and had over 250 people actively in attendance, and many more in the background. In case you missed it, here’s the on-demand version of the stream.

Community Focus

More than anything else, we realized that the PheedLoop community is so much larger and more active than we really ever knew. We’ve always been so focused on product development and the individual customer experience that we forgot how large the PheedLoop community actually is. We heard the PheedLoop community loud and clear, and we’re excited about investing a lot more time and energy into more events like last week’s, as well as more options for the PheedLoop community to thrive and support its members.

Accessing the New Dashboard

Note that the new dashboard is a beta product, and will receive constant updates daily for the next few weeks as we continue to take in feedback, fix issues, and add new features. It already has many features which the old dashboard does not have, so you may find yourself using a mix of both dashboards on occasion.

To access the new dashboard, simply login to your PheedLoop account via this link, or the Login button at the top of the main PheedLoop website. Just use the same credentials you normally would be using, and you’ll jump straight into the new dashboard. As simple as that!

If you’re in the old dashboard currently, all users now have access to a button in the header of the dashboard. You’ll need to login again, but that’s it.

Accessing the Old Dashboard

The old dashboard is going to be available for use for quite some time, we’re not getting rid of it and we’ll provide significant notice when we do get rid of it. Especially while the new dashboard is still in beta, some functions may still be best achieved in the old dashboard until the full functionality is ported over. The key thing to note is that we will not be adding new features to the old dashboard. So as we release lots of new ways to manage your event, you’ll need to use the new dashboard.

We anticipate that the vast majority of events will be able to do just about everything they need to do via the new dashboard, especially with some more updates by the end of August. The old dashboard is also integrated seamlessly in the new dashboard for a few modules still under construction. An example is the “Event Website” module.

Finally, if you want to render all the modules in the new dashboard interface from the old dashboard, simply use the toggle at the top-right corner of your new dashboard’s header.

Getting New Dashboard Updates

Many of the major advancements for the new dashboard are behind the scenes. For example, the way updates are rolled out. We’ve set up a significantly improved automated continuous integration and deployment pipeline, allowing us to roll out tested and helpful updates multiple times a day, if required.

There is a service worker running behind the scenes in the new dashboard which checks for these updates from our end, and will trigger a refresh of the dashboard so you’re always using the newest system.

In case you’ve loaded the new dashboard from last week, it doesn’t include the service worker. Please hit CTRL/CMD + Shift + Refresh to clear the cache and load the new dashboard package. Going forward, you won’t have to do this again.

This new ability to roll out updates even faster allows us to respond to any errors or small requests in near real-time.

Final Remarks

Thank you again for all your support over the past few months and years. You can be sure that we have massive product goals in 2021, and a lot of the work we’re doing now is setting the stage for a huge year next year. We’re working to make PheedLoop a community-driven, product-first platform more than ever. We can’t wait to share what we’ve got coming up next!

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