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April 18, 2023
Product Updates

Membership Management Now Offers Membership Bundles!

Membership Management Now Offers Membership Bundles!

PheedLoop’s April Promotion

New month, new promo! PheedLoop’s April Promotion provides 5x Exhibitor Lead Retrieval & Marketplace Credits for FREE to clients who sign an agreement by 4:59 PM EST on Friday, April 28th, 2023.

Lead Retrieval allows exhibitors to scan attendees on-site through the event app to save them as a lead. Exhibitor representatives can grade the attendee and leave notes on their conversation, which will be visible in the exhibitor’s exportable leads report.

The Exhibitor Marketplace allows exhibitors to sell products and services to attendees through the event app. This is an excellent opportunity to open up a new revenue stream for you and your exhibitors by selling attendees tokens which they can then redeem for products and services on-site! Keep an eye out for our product update next week for more information on our Exhibitor Marketplace!

If you’re interested, reach out to us at or send us a pricing request at

At PheedLoop, we believe in constant innovation to provide the best, seamless experience for our users. Earlier this month, we introduced the Group Membership capability to manage memberships on an organizational level. This feature is particularly useful for membership-based organizations that sell memberships to entities such as schools, corporations, organizations, and institutions. 

In today’s post, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Membership Bundle Feature, which allows membership-based organizations to facilitate the purchase of group memberships autonomously via the organization's website's membership checkout feature. With this new feature, prospective members can purchase group memberships, providing an enterprise-level way of purchasing memberships!

Here are three reasons why the Membership Bundles Feature is a game-changer for membership-based organizations:

1. Organization Website's Membership Checkout Feature

Previously, prospective members could only purchase individual memberships on the website. With the Membership Bundles feature, membership-based organizations can now facilitate the purchase of group memberships autonomously via the organization website's membership checkout. This means that membership-based organizations can provide a seamless purchasing experience for their members, which can lead to increased membership numbers and revenue.

To create a Membership Bundle, navigate to Membership > Bundles. The Membership Bundles are customized based on the initial Membership Tiers created. Once a successful Membership Bundle is created, the Membership Manager will receive an automatic email confirming their purchase with their receipt and personalized link to their Member Portal.

Within the Member Portal, the Membership Manager can see all of the unassigned individual memberships that came with the Membership Bundle. It is now up to them to manually assign or re-assign individual memberships within their organization.

2. Automatic Membership Renewal Reminders

PheedLoop's Membership Management Platform offers automatic membership renewal reminders, a feature that allows you to send custom emails to the membership holder a certain number of days before their membership expires. Within the context of the Membership Bundle, only the Membership Manager will receive notifications on expiring membership dues. 

This feature is beneficial for Membership-Based Organizations as it ensures that their members are always up-to-date with their membership status. Additionally, it saves the Membership Managers the hassle of having to remember the renewal dates and sending out reminders manually. 

3. See Each Other's Contact Details in Member Portal

The Member Portal now offers a new feature that allows members from the same organization to see each other's contact details. This is a great way of encouraging members to network or contact each other. Members can now easily communicate with each other, which could lead to new connections, collaborations, and partnerships. 

Anyone who is an approved member within the same organization will show up in this area. This function is toggleable within the Member Portal tab of the dashboard. 

Wrap Up

Membership-based organizations need to provide a seamless and effective way for their members to purchase and manage memberships. With the Membership Bundles Feature, membership-based organizations can provide an enterprise-level way of purchasing memberships, which can lead to increased membership numbers and revenue.

The Membership Bundles Feature also ensures that membership-based organizations can keep track of expiring memberships and avoid any lapses in membership dues. Additionally, the ability for members from the same organization to see each other’s contact details is a great way of encouraging members to network with each other.

At PheedLoop, we are committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers. The Membership Bundles Feature is just one example of our commitment to innovation and improvement. We are confident that this feature will make a significant difference for membership-based organizations, and we are excited to see the results it will bring.

If you are interested in learning more about PheedLoop’s Membership Management module, please reach out to

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