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November 4, 2022
Product Updates

Meeting Booking - A New Networking Feature that Makes Booking Meetings Easier Than Ever!

Meeting Booking - A New Networking Feature that Makes Booking Meetings Easier Than Ever!

Here at PheedLoop, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to innovate and turn our all-in-one event management platform into the ultimate one-stop shop for all your event tech needs. With the new Meeting Booking feature, we’ve unlocked a new level of power and interactivity for attendee-to-attendee and attendee-to-exhibitor/sponsor networking!

Meeting Booking is a new networking feature that is set to be rolling out in the coming weeks, and is available on the PheedLoop Go! app for those who purchase the Advanced Networking power-up. This new feature will allow your attendees to book meetings with other attendees based on their schedules and availability.

How it Works 

Attendees can go into other attendees’ profiles (or exhibitors and sponsors), view their calendar where a list of available time slots should show up if they have Meeting Booking enabled, and click on ‘Request a Meeting.’ Once a meeting has been requested, the recipient will receive a notification for them to accept or decline the meeting request. Once accepted, the meeting will show up in their respective calendar page.

Admins are able to edit the details for the meetings booked, i.e. the meeting’s title, description, date, time, and location. This information, however, isn’t available for attendees to edit. As an attendee, if you wish to change the meeting date or time, you’ll have to cancel the original meeting and request a new one. In the future, we will be adding tweaks where these details are editable for attendees as well, but as of now, only admins are able to edit this information. 

You can completely personalize Meeting Booking to your liking, depending on how you want it set up. You have the option to adjust your meetings’ start and end times, hide certain meeting slots, and even change the intervals between each meeting. There’s also a toggle where you can choose to enable or disable meeting confirmations, so that all meetings are automatically booked without having to be requested.

What Makes Meeting Booking So Great?

What’s really neat about Meeting Booking is the ability to sync your personal calendar on the app with your Google calendar. This is sure to keep you up-to-date on your schedule and help keep everything all in one place. 

Another awesome benefit is that you don’t have to limit Meeting Booking to simply attendee-to-attendee networking. You can take it one step further and use this feature as a way to add value to your exhibitors and sponsors. If you know certain sponsors want to connect with different types of attendees, you can pre-schedule meetings between them. There are so many use cases for this - from exhibitor coffee chats to hosted-buyer speed dating programs, the possibilities are endless! 

Closing Thoughts  

Stop relying on third-party integrations to book meetings - a modern event management platform should be able to do that for you under one roof. Our mission has always been to create one source of truth for all your event tech needs. And now with PheedLoop coming out with Meeting Booking, you are one step closer to doing everything all in one place! 

Interested in learning more about PheedLoop’s Meeting Booking system or any of our other onsite event capabilities (mobile event apps, interactive floor plans, seat planners, badge printing and hardware rental, etc.)? Reach out to for more information!

One last item - keep your eyes peeled for PheedLoop’s 2022 year-end promotion that we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks. It’s specifically focused on onsite events and will help to take your return to live event formats to a whole new level!

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