Manage Your Speakers Automatically Using PheedLoop's Speaker Management Portal!

Speakers play a crucial role in any event. They are the driving force behind captivating presentations and engaging discussions that keep attendees coming back for more. Managing speakers and their contributions effectively is essential to ensuring a successful event. That's where PheedLoop's Speaker Management Portal comes in. With its comprehensive set of features, PheedLoop empowers event organizers to streamline speaker management, enhancing the experience for both speakers and attendees alike.

What is Speaker Management?

Before we delve into the benefits of PheedLoop's Speaker Management Portal, let's take a moment to understand what speaker management entails. Speaker management refers to the process of coordinating and organizing various aspects related to speakers participating in an event. This includes tasks such as speaker selection, communication, scheduling, file sharing, and more. Effective speaker management ensures seamless collaboration between event organizers and speakers, resulting in a smooth and engaging event experience.

How Can PheedLoop’s Speaker Management Portal Help?

1. Create One Hub for Speakers to Manage Their Experience

PheedLoop’s Speaker Portal serves as a centralized hub where speakers can manage their entire event experience. This comprehensive platform allows speakers to perform various tasks, such as uploading files related to their sessions for attendees to review and download, updating their profile-specific information, sharing private files with event organizers, and signing contracts and agreements. Additionally, speakers can access session-related details, such as start time, end time, location, and any custom instructions provided by the event organizer. By consolidating all this information into a single portal, PheedLoop simplifies the speaker management process, eliminating the need for scattered communication through emails.

2. Empower Your Speakers to Update Their Latest Speaking Profile Information

Keeping speaker profile information up to date is crucial for event organizers to promote their speakers effectively. PheedLoop's Speaker Portal makes it incredibly easy for speakers to update their profiles. With just a few clicks, speakers can modify their biography, profile picture, social media links, contact information, and more. The best part is that any changes made are instantly synced across all event-related platforms, such as the event website, event app, and virtual portal. This ensures that attendees receive the most accurate and current information about the speakers, enhancing their overall experience.

3. Manage Your Speakers with Automated Task Management

Managing and tracking tasks assigned to speakers can be a time-consuming process. PheedLoop simplifies this through its automated task management feature. Event organizers can create tasks and set automated reminders to ensure speakers complete their assigned responsibilities. These tasks can include reminders to book hotel rooms using designated discount codes, update profile information, and more. Speakers can mark tasks as completed, download files associated with tasks, and even upload files for tasks that require presentation approval. Event admins can also set individual notification reminders for specific task completion, facilitating effective teamwork among the event management team.

4. Manage Speaker Contracts and Agreements Automatically

Efficient handling of speaker contracts and agreements is vital to ensure compliance and streamline the administrative process. PheedLoop's Speaker Portal offers the capability to assign speaker agreements and contracts to speakers seamlessly. Event organizers can create custom speaker contracts that are presented to speakers upon their first login to the Speaker Portal. Speakers are required to agree to the terms and conditions specified in the contract, which is then technically "signed" and a copy is sent to them. This automated process eliminates the need for manual paperwork, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

5. Empower Your Speakers with Live Polls and Q&A Management

To facilitate interactive and engaging sessions, PheedLoop's Speaker Portal integrates live polls and Q&A management. If you're utilizing PheedLoop's Audience Interaction Feature, speakers can create live polls instantly within the speaker portal. They can even pre-create polls in advance to ensure a seamless experience. Live polls provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to actively participate by submitting votes online. Moreover, the Speaker Portal features a dedicated Q&A area where speakers can review and address questions asked during the event. This functionality enables speakers to promptly respond to queries, enhancing the overall engagement and satisfaction of attendees.


PheedLoop's Speaker Management Portal is an invaluable tool for event organizers looking to streamline the speaker management process. By creating a centralized hub for speakers, empowering them to update their profiles, automating task management, facilitating contract agreements, and integrating live polls and Q&A management, PheedLoop enhances the overall experience for both speakers and attendees. With PheedLoop, event organizers can focus on curating exceptional content and delivering unforgettable events, knowing that the speaker management process is in capable hands.

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