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November 15, 2023
Product Updates

Major Improvements to the PheedLoop Go! Event App Meeting Booking

Major Improvements to the PheedLoop Go! Event App Meeting Booking

In the dynamic landscape of events and conferences, facilitating meaningful connections is a cornerstone for success. PheedLoop's Meeting Booker has been a game-changer, allowing attendees to seamlessly schedule connections with exhibitors and other attendees. As the popularity of this feature grows, we recognize the importance of continuously enhancing its functionality. In response to valuable user feedback, we are thrilled to announce four major updates to the PheedLoop Go! Event App Meeting Booking system. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into these enhancements, providing insights on how they elevate the user experience and streamline event planning.

1. Restrict Locations From Being Double Booked

Designated Meeting Spaces

PheedLoop now empowers event organizers with the ability to designate specific locations as exclusive meeting spaces. With a simple toggle, organizers can ensure that a particular location cannot be double-booked, enhancing the efficiency of the meeting scheduling process. This is particularly advantageous when there are dedicated rooms or areas reserved for meetings. 

Optimal Room Utilization

The optional toggle feature allows organizers to set meeting rooms to be booked only once for a specific time slot. For instance, if an attendee schedules a meeting from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in Meeting Location A, the system automatically prevents another attendee from booking Meeting Location A during the same time frame. This feature optimizes room utilization and prevents scheduling conflicts, providing a seamless experience for all participants.

2. Meeting Booking Ensures No One is Double Booked

Time Slot Exclusivity

Acknowledging the importance of respecting participants' time commitments, PheedLoop's Meeting Booking system now enforces a rule to prevent double bookings. If an attendee requests a meeting with someone for a specific time, they are restricted from requesting another meeting for the same time slot, irrespective of whether the initial meeting is confirmed. This ensures that participants can fully commit to their scheduled engagements without the risk of conflicting appointments.

3. Require Locations (Optional)

Tailored Meeting Experiences

Recognizing the diverse needs of events, PheedLoop introduces the option to make locations a required element during the meeting booking process. This feature is invaluable for organizers who want to tailor the meeting experience by specifying essential locations for particular types of meetings. Attendees and exhibitors are prompted to select a location, adding an additional layer of customization to the meeting scheduling process.

4. Restrict Meeting Booking Based on Tags or Tickets

Targeted Meeting Opportunities

PheedLoop's Meeting Booker becomes even more versatile with the ability to restrict access based on tags or tickets. This feature is particularly useful when organizers aim to control meeting booking privileges based on specific criteria. For example, restricting meeting booking to only certain ticket holders or individuals with specific tags ensures that the right participants engage in meaningful conversations, aligning with the event's objectives.

Wrap Up

The latest updates to the PheedLoop Go! Event App Meeting Booking system marks a significant step forward in enhancing the overall event experience. By addressing the need for location exclusivity, preventing double bookings, introducing optional location requirements, and enabling targeted access controls, PheedLoop continues to redefine how attendees connect at events. These updates not only streamline the meeting scheduling process but also provide event organizers with unprecedented flexibility and control. As we continue to evolve in response to user feedback, PheedLoop remains committed to providing innovative solutions that elevate the success of every event. Embrace the future of event planning with PheedLoop's Meeting Booker – where connections are made seamlessly, and events are elevated to new heights.

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