Major Improvements to the PheedLoop Go! Event App: Enhancing the Event Experience
September 20, 2023

In the fast-evolving landscape of event technology, PheedLoop continues to lead the way with innovative solutions that enhance the event experience for both organizers and attendees. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the best tools and features, we are thrilled to introduce a series of major improvements to the Event App. Similar to how we regularly update our Membership Management Platform, these enhancements aim to empower you to create more personalized and engaging event experiences. 

Join us on this journey as we explore the exciting updates that are set to transform the way you interact with the Event App. From access restrictions to seamless calendar integration and enhanced usability features, PheedLoop's Event App is now more versatile and user-friendly than ever before.

1. Access Restrictions to Event App Pages Now Available!

One of the most significant advancements in the Event App is the introduction of access restrictions for specific app pages. For the first time ever, you have the power to control which event app pages certain attendees can access based on their ticket holder status or tag status. This feature enables you to tailor the event experience to each attendee's unique needs and preferences.

Imagine being able to share exclusive content, resources, or networking opportunities with specific segments of your audience. With PheedLoop's new access restrictions, you can do just that. Whether you want to create a VIP experience for premium ticket holders or provide specialized content to attendees with particular interests, this feature allows you to deliver a more personalized event experience than ever before.

2. Add to Calendar Now Available in the Event App

You asked, and we listened. We are excited to announce that attendees can now add sessions, workshops, and activities of interest directly to their personal calendar through the Event App.  

This enhancement brings convenience and efficiency to event-goers, enabling them to create a seamless agenda tailored to their interests. The best part? Our "Add to Calendar" feature is compatible with popular calendar platforms such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. This means that you can seamlessly integrate your event schedule with your daily routine. 

Whether you’re using Apple or Google Calendar, the integration is seamless. Attendees can stay organized and never miss a session they're excited about. This functionality simplifies the process of managing your schedule and ensures you never miss a session that matters to you.

3. Usability Improvements

We understand that user-friendliness is paramount in any event app. To enhance your experience further, we have made significant user improvements in our latest update:

Dedicated Section for Certificates

Finding and managing certificates is now easier than ever. Our Event App now includes a dedicated section where you can access all your certificates effortlessly. No more hunting through various menus or emails to locate your important event certificates; they are now conveniently organized in one place.

Consolidated Toggle for Admin Scanning Features

Simplifying the administrative experience, we have consolidated the toggles for all admin scanning features in the Event App. Previously, there were three separate toggles to manage different aspects of scanning. Now, with a single, nested toggle, you can efficiently control all scanning operations, making event management smoother and more intuitive.

4. Remove Toggle for "Add to Schedule"

In certain situations, you may want to restrict attendees from adding specific items to their personal schedules. With our new update, you have the flexibility to remove the "Add to Schedule" button via a setting in the backend dashboard. This feature provides greater control over the content attendees can add to their schedules, ensuring that your event's schedule aligns with your objectives and priorities.

5. Add Tickets to Native Phone Wallet

We understand the importance of convenience in event management. To make the attendee experience even more seamless, we have introduced the ability to add event tickets to your native phone wallet. This feature allows attendees to access their event tickets quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for physical tickets or additional applications. It's a small yet significant improvement that can enhance the overall event experience.

6. Ability to Download Your Personal Schedule from the Calendar Page

Managing your event schedule just got even more convenient. With our latest update, you now have the ability to download your personal schedule directly from the calendar page. This feature ensures that you always have quick access to your customized event itinerary, whether you're online or offline. It's a practical addition that empowers you to stay organized and make the most of your event experience.

Wrap Up

At PheedLoop, we are dedicated to continuously improving our solutions to meet the evolving needs of event organizers and attendees. These major updates to the Event App represent a significant leap forward in enhancing the event experience for everyone involved. From personalized access restrictions and seamless calendar integration to improved usability features, we're committed to making your events more engaging and efficient.

We believe that these enhancements will not only simplify your event management but also elevate the attendee experience to new heights. We look forward to seeing how you utilize these new features to create unforgettable events that leave a lasting impression.  As always, if you have any questions or would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to

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