Live Updating Interactive Floor Plan Is Now A Website Widget

Event planners are always looking for ways to show up-to-date floor plans to attendees and potential exhibitors. In the past, event organizers and sales teams may have had to update .jpgs or .pngs, or send outdated floor plans with a long series of annotations to let the prospect know what has changed.

It’s all a lot of repeated effort that can and should be eliminated from your daily workflow!

Embed the floor plan widget on your website to allow exhibitors to see any booth's status.

Now with PheedLoop, one floor plan is shared with real-time updates across your mobile app, exhibitor application system, exhibitor portals, and event website. Plus, this section of your event website is available as an embeddable widget (like all our other event website widgets), so you can put your interactive floorplan on any non-PheedLoop website with a simple copy and paste. 

Product Update Summary

  • Interactive floor plan is now live as a dedicated website widget
  • Interactive floor plan is built in to every event's microsite
  • The new floor plan widget can be embedded on third party sites and platforms just like all our other event website widgets

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