Introducing THREE Major Improvements to the PheedLoop Go! Event App: Elevating Every Step Of Your Event Planning and Management
February 21, 2024

The PheedLoop Go! Event App has always been an event management staple for our users to power their events. That’s why we are dedicated to elevating our customers’ event experience and constantly evolving to meet their needs. Today, we are excited to announce three exciting developments to the PheedLoop Go! Event App that are sure to turn heads: Custom Icons, Note-taking, and Check-in Survey Integrations.

Let’s dive into how you can leverage these enhancements to drive results in your upcoming events!

Unparalleled Personalization with New Custom Icons Feature

At PheedLoop, we understand the importance of our customer’s brand presence and image when it comes to hosting events, as they can greatly impact attendees’ impressions! That’s why we are excited to introduce Custom Icons within the PheedLoop Go! Event App. With this feature, you can now customize the look and feel of your event on the mobile app to perfectly align with your event's theme and branding. Whether it's sleek, modern, bold, or colorful, we deliver the power to create an immersive experience for your attendees.

Seamless Note-taking with Our Integrated Mobile App

Events can be jam-packed with sessions or workshops, often leaving you missing a pen or a notepad along the way. Plus, the inconvenience of switching between different apps to take notes only adds to the frustration. We totally get it! With PheedLoop’s new note-taking feature integrated within the PheedLoop Go! Event App, you can say goodbye to disorganization and hello to seamless note-taking. This new addition empowers you to effortlessly jot down any important event information or speaker’s insights within the integrated note app section. Our goal in developing this feature is to provide you the convenience of centralizing all information, organization at the tip of your finger, and comfort in knowing that you will never miss a key takeaway ever again.

Streamline On-site Events with Check-in Survey, Now Available in the Event App

In our continuous effort to enhance user convenience, we are proud to introduce the Check-in Survey feature to the PheedLoop Go! Event App for on-site events! This feature was first integrated into our Event Dashboard. However, its expansion to the Event App provides you, our users, with enhanced accessibility, giving you full control in managing your event. With this powerful tool, event planners can assign a mandatory survey to attendees when they check in to the event. This survey streamlines the check-in process as it can help you gather valuable information and feedback from attendees with only one step! 

Wrap Up

The three latest developments to the PheedLoop Go! Event App is a clear reflection of our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and empowering our community with leading technology. As we continue to push boundaries and enhance our platform, we invite you to embark on this exciting future with us where we redefine every aspect of the event journey, from planning to organization, engagement, and feedback!

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