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Before we dive into the content of this blog post, we’re thrilled to announce PheedLoop’s exclusive promotion for the month of June! Starting June 1st, any new or returning client that signs an Agreement by 4:59 pm ET on June 30th, 2023, will receive 5x Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Packages for FREE!

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We all know how important exhibitors are when it comes to your events. Exhibitors add immense value to your attendees and contribute to your event’s overall profitability. Their presence enhances the event experience, provides networking opportunities, and drives business growth. At PheedLoop, we understand the significance of exhibitors, and we are constantly striving to create more value for them. That's why we are thrilled to share an entirely new tier of exhibitor benefits with you - the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package!

Over the years, thousands of PheedLoop events have benefited from our $99 Exhibitor Upgrade, known as the Premium Exhibitor Booth Upgrade. This upgrade provided exhibitors with a variety of features, including the highly sought-after Lead Retrieval feature. With Lead Retrieval, exhibitors could scan attendees and capture their information at on-site or virtual events, enabling effective follow-up and lead nurturing.

Today, we are excited to introduce the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package, a new offering that takes exhibitor features and benefits to a whole new level. For the cost of $299, this upgrade offers your exhibitors access to all the benefits of the Premium Booth Upgrade and a whole lot more! In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the new features that come with the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package and explore how they can drastically improve exhibitor ROI at your events going forward. 

1. Enable API Web Hooks to Automatically Sync Leads with Internal CRM

One of the most common feature requests we have received from exhibitors is the ability to build an integration against PheedLoop's API to sync the leads scanned at an event in real-time with their own internal CRM. We listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce that with the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package, exhibitors can now freely achieve this using PheedLoop's API.

This feature represents a significant leap forward in lead management for exhibitors. By seamlessly syncing leads between PheedLoop and their internal CRM, exhibitors can eliminate manual data entry and ensure that their leads are always up-to-date. This streamlined process saves time, reduces errors, and empowers exhibitors to take prompt action on their leads, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased ROI!

2. Create and Set Custom Lead Retrieval Questions Autonomously

Every exhibitor has unique goals and target audiences. With the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package, exhibitors can now set their own custom lead retrieval questions autonomously through the Exhibitor Portal. This powerful feature enables exhibitors to fully customize their lead retrieval process to align with their specific objectives and capture the information that matters most to them.

By creating custom questions that are prompted after a lead is scanned, exhibitors can ensure that their on-site representatives capture and ask the right questions to prospects. This level of customization enhances lead quality and enables exhibitors to gather the precise data they need to drive their post-event strategies. Additionally, exhibitors can update their custom questions in real-time through the Exhibitor Portal, allowing for flexibility and adaptability as their needs evolve.

3. Display and Set Custom Meeting Times

Effective networking is crucial for exhibitors to establish meaningful connections and drive business opportunities. With the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package, exhibitors can now display a Meeting Booking button and set custom meeting times within the Exhibitor Portal. This feature simplifies the process of scheduling meetings between exhibitors and attendees, enhancing engagement and fostering valuable interactions.

By setting custom meeting times, exhibitors provide attendees with the opportunity to book meetings directly with their representatives. This eliminates the back-and-forth communication to find suitable meeting slots and ensures a seamless experience for both exhibitors and attendees alike. Exhibitors can maximize their engagement during the event by dedicating specific time slots for one-on-one meetings, product demos, and in-depth discussions. This targeted approach results in more productive interactions and a higher likelihood of converting leads into customers.

Please note: the Meeting Booking feature requires the Advanced Networking Upgrade. With the Advanced Networking Upgrade, exhibitors can leverage advanced matchmaking algorithms, intelligent recommendations, and personalized scheduling to optimize their networking opportunities and drive meaningful connections.

4. Business Card Capture

In today's digital world, exchanging business cards remains a powerful way to connect and share contact information. With the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package, the Lead Retrieval Scanning Feature receives an upgrade with the introduction of Business Card Capture.

Traditionally, the Lead Retrieval Scanner required exhibitors to scan a PheedLoop-generated QR Code to capture attendee information. However, we understand that many event participants prefer the old school method of handing out physical cards. That's where Business Card Capture comes in. This feature allows exhibitor managers to capture leads by taking a picture of a physical business card, providing a convenient and reliable way to gather attendee information.

By simply taking a quick photo of a business card within the lead retrieval function, exhibitor managers can ensure that the lead is added to their Lead List, expanding their pool of potential contacts. Moreover, Business Card Captured Leads offer the ability to add personalized notes and information about each lead, enabling exhibitors to capture additional context and details. This valuable feature facilitates more targeted follow-ups, personalized outreach, and stronger relationships with potential customers.

5. Exhibitor Marketplace: Expanding Reach and Visibility

In addition to the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package and its exclusive features, PheedLoop offers Exhibitor Marketplace, a dedicated space where exhibitors can showcase their products and services to event attendees. The Exhibitor Marketplace serves as a digital storefront, expanding exhibitors' reach and visibility beyond the confines of their booth.

Participating in the Exhibitor Marketplace provides exhibitors with a unique opportunity to connect with a broader audience and drive engagement. Attendees can explore the marketplace, discover new products or services, and interact directly with exhibitors. This additional exposure provides a new mechanism for exhibitors to monetize their participation at your event and amplifies the impact exhibitors can have at your events, increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and fostering valuable connections.

Wrap Up 

The Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package represents a significant milestone in empowering exhibitors to double their impact at your events. By investing in the Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package, your exhibitors gain access to a powerful suite of features that enhance lead management, customization, meeting scheduling, and lead capture. These features enable exhibitors to streamline their processes, engage attendees effectively, and drive better results.

Additionally, the Exhibitor Marketplace expands exhibitors' reach and visibility, allowing them to connect with a wider audience and showcase their offerings to potential customers. Together, these enhancements create an unparalleled exhibitor experience, enabling exhibitors to maximize their ROI, build valuable relationships, and contribute to the overall success of your events.

At PheedLoop, we are committed to innovation and delivering top-notch solutions that cater to the evolving needs of event professionals. We invite you to explore the new Advanced Exhibitor Benefits Package and empower your exhibitors to take their presence at your events to new heights. By leveraging these advanced features, your exhibitors will thrive, and your events will reach new levels of success!

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