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October 28, 2021
Product Updates

Introducing PheedLoop's Unlimited Free Tier, Free Hybrid Mobile App, and Free Community Management!

Introducing PheedLoop's Unlimited Free Tier, Free Hybrid Mobile App, and Free Community Management!

Our team has been incredibly busy here at PheedLoop working on some major initiatives that we discussed at our user conference earlier this month, PheedLoop Gamechangers. We wanted to give you a better understanding of what’s coming up - because it really is huge!

Our goal with PheedLoop since 2015 has been to combine our passion for product development with our passion for events, and create a platform that makes events accessible and affordable for everyone.

We’ve grown wildly over the past few years thanks to all the love and support from our customers and fans, and we’re delighted to give you a glimpse into the next chapter at PheedLoop.

At Gamechangers, we revealed some major updates, and in this post we want to focus on the 3 that turned the most heads and we are investing most heavily in at the moment. If you are interested in being the first to benefit from any of these, as several customers have already started using them, reach out to us immediately to get to the top of the list. Over the next few weeks, we’ll have dedicated blog posts and more information for each of these 3 new initiatives, and many more.

Introducing PheedLoop’s Free Tier

One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is that organizations want to run more events on PheedLoop. They already run all their major events, from conferences and trade shows to career fairs and annual general meetings, but they want to do more with PheedLoop - especially when it comes to their smaller events.

We’re extremely proud to officially announce PheedLoop’s free tier, which will allow you to run an unlimited number of events with 100 people or less for free!

This is an absolute game changer for PheedLoop users, because now they can use the same system they know and love for everything from workshops and small meetings, to seminars and webinars and gain access to  PheedLoop’s in-person, hybrid and virtual event core modules at no additional cost!

The free tier piggybacks onto your existing PheedLoop accounts and feature sets, and as long as your event stays at or below 100 people, your event will automatically be counted in the free tier and not contribute to your user credit count.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with PheedLoop and how you’ll transform the way you plan events at your organizations.

To learn more about the specific details and to get early access, reach out to our team!

Introducing PheedLoop’s Free Hybrid Mobile App

With events returning on-site again, things are getting super exciting! We’ve been at multiple on-site events every single weeks powering them with our in-person and hybrid tech, and it feels great to be back.

Now that we are in a post-pandemic world by most measures, we’ve started to notice that the combination of a fiscally challenging 2 years for events combined with the increased cost of running hybrid events is taking a toll.

At the core of an in-person event, from a technology perspective, is a mobile event app (one like PheedLoop Go is packed with on-site features like session scanning, lead capture, scavenger hunts, self check-in, etc.) and registration/badge printing on-site.

PheedLoop has been producing and shipping badges and lanyards for years (order your free on-site sample kit here), recently launching brand new products and lower prices, and offering our custom built PheedLoop OnSight system featuring cloud-based printing, touchless check-in, and now things like COVID-19 screening as well as vaccine passport tracking in development.

PheedLoop Go is our hybrid mobile event app, and we are now proud to offer it for free to fully featured events!

What that means is if you have all 3 experience modules, as most events do, just like the virtual web portal you now get the hybrid mobile event app completely for free with all its incredible on-site functions and features. This is an unprecedented amount of functionality and power we are offering to events.

To learn more about the specific details and to get early access, reach out to our team!

Introducing Community and Member Management (Plus Free Tier!)

In a post-pandemic world, it has become clear to just about everyone that it’s not only possible, but critical, to meet both physically and virtually to really create a powerful community of customers, members, fans, employees, whatever!

PheedLoop has always been a platform that served a vast number of member based organizations and associations, so building a member and community management system was always on our long-term roadmap. The pandemic has nudged us in the direction of making this a reality, because we started to notice organizations that were traditionally not community focused to turn their attention to growing communities around their brands that they never realized existed. This is true even for us, in fact. Our quarterly events have become an unprecedented way for us to stay in touch with our large number of customers and planners in a way we never imagined.

Over the coming months, you’ll see a rapid roll out of our member and community management system that will allow all types of organizations to take their usage of PheedLoop to a new level. It will be a platform that combines the power of a CRM and AMS with an event management system to allow you to do everything from processing memberships and dues, to building social networks, creating marketing campaigns, tracking engagement data, and streamlining the way you run your organizations. We’ll save all the exciting details for a future post.

The cherry on top? For organizations that do not charge membership fees, this system will be free to use as we roll out this system.

To get on the beta access list and get early access, reach out to our team!

That’s a Wrap!

We know this was a post packed with loads of information and goodies, and we’re really just scratching the surface here. Send us your questions, requests, and more, and we’ll get working. Stay tuned for loads of detailed updates on each of these initiatives and many more.

Note: All promotions and pricing described on our blog may be subject to change over time.  For precise information at the time you are reading our blog that may relate to pricing and promotions, please contact our team or refer to the terms of your agreement with us. We make every effort to provide as many promotions and benefits to as many customers as possible.

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