Introducing PheedLoop’s NEW OnSight App!

On-site event management is no small feat. The meticulous planning, countless details, and seamless execution all culminate in creating a truly remarkable event experience. At PheedLoop, we understand the complexities involved in putting on stellar events, and we've been at the forefront of event technology since 2015. Our platform has consistently been a game-changer for event planners by streamlining processes and enhancing the attendee experience. But we're not content with just good; we're constantly striving to make the experience even better!

That's why we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new PheedLoop OnSight App. This downloadable application is a replacement to our web portals and is designed exclusively for on-site event management, ensuring a more convenient, efficient, and tailored experience for event planners and stakeholders alike. Let's dive into why this matters and how it will revolutionize your on-site event planning.

One App for All On-Site Items

In the world of on-site event management, juggling multiple tasks can be overwhelming. From on-site badge printing and speaker live poll management to exhibitor lead retrieval and session check-in, there are numerous elements to oversee. Until now, administrators and stakeholders had to navigate through different portals and apps to manage these aspects of their event in PheedLoop. But not anymore.

With the PheedLoop OnSight App, all on-site related items are consolidated into a single, user-friendly application. Admins and stakeholders now have one powerful tool at their disposal to streamline their on-site event management. This means that event admins can now effortlessly handle session check-ins, exhibitor lead retrieval, and more, all within the same app, simplifying the event management process.

OnSight is Optimized for Mobile Devices of All Sizes

In today's tech-savvy world, event planners and stakeholders rely heavily on mobile devices for on-site event management. That's why the PheedLoop OnSight App has been meticulously designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

This optimization ensures that you enjoy a superior user experience when accessing features such as session check-in, which was previously exclusive to the PheedLoop Go! Event App. With the flexibility to use various devices, event planners can explore new possibilities for managing scenarios like session check-in or exhibitor lead retrieval.

For instance, you can now set up dedicated tablets as standalone check-in stations for session attendees or equip exhibitors with a single tablet for lead scanning. Rest assured, all the features you currently rely on will be readily available in the on-site app, ensuring a smooth transition. Also, it’s important to highlight that the OnSight App is available in a web portal, allowing you to access it without downloading!

Seamless Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors

In complex event setups where an Exhibitor Manager is responsible for multiple exhibitors and lead capture, the PheedLoop OnSight App offers a solution that instills confidence. You can effortlessly navigate between different exhibitor profiles, enabling efficient lead retrieval for each exhibitor.

This streamlined process ensures that exhibitors can focus on engaging with attendees and capturing leads, rather than grappling with cumbersome technology. The ability to manage multiple exhibitors seamlessly is a game-changer for event planners and exhibitor managers alike.

Easily Manage On-Site Admins

We've listened to your feedback and made managing on-site admins simpler and more intuitive. Previously, you had to create attendee profiles and assign them special tags for on-site admin access. Now, you can skip these steps altogether.

With the PheedLoop OnSight App, you can add an individual's email directly in the dashboard and grant them the necessary permission set to access the app. This streamlined approach allows you to assign specific features within the on-site app based on individual roles and responsibilities. Plus, you'll be pleased to know that this won't consume any user credits.

Looking Ahead

The exciting news doesn't stop here. We have more features in the pipeline, including updates for live polls and Q&A with speakers, as well as the introduction of the Live Display feature. The PheedLoop OnSight App is just the beginning of our commitment to providing you with the best event management tools for on-site success.

PheedLoop OnSight is poised to revolutionize your on-site event management experience. With its unmatched convenience, device optimization, exhibitor management capabilities, and simplified admin control, it's the ultimate tool for event planners and stakeholders. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we continue to enhance your event management journey. At PheedLoop, we're dedicated to making your events not just good but exceptional.

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