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January 31, 2024
Product Updates

Introducing PheedLoop’s NEW and Improved Sponsor Application Portal!

Introducing PheedLoop’s NEW and Improved Sponsor Application Portal!

PheedLoop has been a prominent figure in the events industry for nearly a decade, delivering reliable solutions to power thousands of in-person and hybrid events. The Sponsor Application Portal is a crucial addition to our platform, designed to seamlessly manage prospective sponsors, secure sponsorships, choose booth placements, and enhance the overall sponsor experience. In a parallel evolution with our commitment to improved user experience and customizable design, the Sponsor Portal shares common ground with our Exhibitor Application Module.

Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined for Success

The Sponsor Application Portal builds upon the success of our existing modules by providing an enhanced user experience. While the user flow retains efficiency, the portal boasts a refreshed look and feel, making it quicker, more user-friendly, and more intuitive. This not only simplifies the sponsor application, but also enables event managers to save time and optimize workflows, leading to increased leads and sponsorship revenue.

Custom CSS: Tailoring the Portal to Your Event's Branding

Acknowledging the unique branding needs of each event, the Sponsor Portal introduces support for custom CSS. This allows event managers to apply visual customizations, ensuring that the portal aligns seamlessly with specific branding requirements. The flexibility of custom CSS empowers event organizers to create a consistent and professional appearance, providing a unique visual identity throughout the event.

Opportunities for Future Enhancements: A Commitment to Progress

The recent update to the Sponsor Portal marks the beginning of an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. Much like our approach to the Exhibitor Application Module, we see numerous opportunities for further enhancements, feature upgrades, and improvements. Our dedication is to ensure that the evolving capabilities of our platform benefit sponsors and event managers alike.

Wrap Up: Elevating the Sponsor Experience

We are thrilled to introduce the launch of our enhanced Sponsor Application Portal, influenced by our dedication to improved user experiences and customizable design. As we continue to bring more capabilities to event managers and sponsors in the future, our aim is to create a seamless and user-friendly environment for all stakeholders involved in making events successful.

For more information about the upgraded Sponsor Application Portal or to provide feedback, feel free to reach out to us at And don't miss our April promo before it concludes!

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