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September 8, 2022
Product Updates

Introducing PheedLoop's Brand New White Label App Builder

Introducing PheedLoop's Brand New White Label App Builder

What is a White-Labeled App? 

A white-labeled app is a “native” mobile application that runs directly on Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems. It is built by private label development companies (which in this case is PheedLoop) and offered under your own brand. PheedLoop Go is PheedLoop's default event app, which attendees regularly download from the Apple and Google app stores. If you choose to white-label the event app, then attendees will search for your event or organization name in the app stores to locate the app. They will be greeted with your custom icons and graphics, as well as a custom splash screen you provide every time they launch the event app (as opposed to the generic PheedLoop graphics). After logging into the white-labeled event app, the experience will be identical to the generic PheedLoop Go experience.

Typically, events looking to maximize their sponsorship and their own organization's branding opportunities choose to go with the white-labeled option. The vast majority of opportunities for branding and sponsorship exist in PheedLoop Go as well, but the option to customize the splash screen, icon, and store presence is a way to totally maximize an event's opportunities. To learn more about what it means to white label your event app, check out our knowledge base article

What’s New?

The whole process of creating your own white-labeled app can be pretty tedious. From app design and app description to permissions and settings - there’s so much to edit and get right. What makes this entire process even harder is not having an organized way of processing this information, or worse, being asked to email everything (like how we’ve done in the past). Well, now for all our white-labeled app users, we have some good news! 

Keeping to our theme of customizability and making our platform more user-friendly, we’re now coming out with a new update on the PheedLoop dashboard that gives event admins total control over the look and feel of their white-labeled apps. With this new update, admins will now be able to edit app design logistics (logo image, splash screen image, banner image) and app information (name, tagline, description) right from their dashboards.

While before you were required to convey this information over video call or through email with our support team, now you have the ability to edit this information straight from your dashboard at your own time and convenience. Simply go into your event > Experiences > Mobile App > White Label App Builder to access this new tab. Eliminating the process of speaking to a middle man, this gives our event admins the freedom to play around with different designs and descriptions and make up their minds on how they want their white-labeled apps to look. 

When you’ve made up your mind, simply click ‘save changes’ and your status should change to pending in the top-right corner. There are three stages in the White Label App Builder: pending designs/details, in development, and released. Please keep in mind that in order to deliver your white-labeled event app on time, we require you to submit this information at least 4 weeks before you need the app to be available. 

(Also please note that this feature is only available for those who purchase both the Event App and White Label App power-ups.)

Wrap Up & What’s Coming Next

Gone are the days of long emails and lengthy phone calls explaining your vision and working out logistics for white-labeled apps. We hope that this new feature will make a difference to our event app users and help expedite the process of creating white-labeled apps going forward. 

The next couple weeks are going to be busy, but packed with fun and excitement as we gear up for the annual CSE EventFest happening September 26-28 (register here), as well as CSAE 2022: Reunite happening October 19-21 in Halifax (register here). We hope to see some old and new faces at these upcoming events. If you plan on attending and happen to visit our booth, don’t forget to give us a shoutout by tagging @PheedLoop on all social media platforms! 

As always, make sure to keep up with the blogs, subscribe to our newsletters, and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to keep up with all our future product updates, news and highlights. Be sure to stay tuned for a very special announcement regarding a PheedLoop exclusive social following the CSAE Conference on October 21st. 😉 We can’t wait to share more details with you all very soon! Until then, take care, take time to soak up these last few days of summer, and don’t forget to power up your next event using PheedLoop

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