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PheedLoop's Meet & Stream is a powerful native streaming platform that has revolutionized virtual and hybrid events, providing speakers with a seamless way to conduct effective sessions within the Virtual Portal and Event App. This comprehensive streaming system is built right into PheedLoop, enabling speakers to login to the virtual portal and engage with their audience. In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we are thrilled to introduce new and exciting moderation capabilities to enhance the overall experience of Meet and Stream. In this article, we will explore three key enhancements that event administrators can now leverage to ensure a smooth and professional event execution.

Event Admins Can Now Moderate Meet & Stream Sessions

One of the standout features of the enhanced Meet & Stream platform is the ability for event admins to exercise moderation controls during sessions. As an event admin, you now have the power to turn off a participant's microphone, camera, and screenshare. This feature proves exceptionally useful in situations where speakers may accidentally forget to disable these settings on their end. With the ability to intervene and make necessary adjustments, event admins can ensure a seamless flow of sessions, maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the event.

Additionally, event admins have the capability to remove speakers from the session. This powerful feature empowers event admins with full autonomy over the management of their event. Whether it's addressing technical issues or dealing with disruptive behavior, event admins have complete control to maintain the integrity and quality of the event.

Choose a Broadcast Layout Option as the Event Admin

To provide event organizers with even more flexibility and customization, Meet & Stream now offers the option to choose between two broadcast layout modes: Gallery View and Active Speaker Mode. In Gallery View, participants can see multiple video feeds simultaneously, promoting a more interactive and engaging experience. This mode is particularly beneficial for panel discussions or sessions with multiple speakers where visual interaction plays a vital role.

On the other hand, Active Speaker Mode automatically switches the focus to the person currently speaking, providing a streamlined and focused viewing experience. This layout option is ideal for sessions featuring a single presenter or when visual distractions need to be minimized, allowing participants to concentrate on the speaker's content.

By offering these two distinct layout options, Meet & Stream ensures that event admins have the freedom to adapt the streaming experience based on the specific needs of each session, maximizing participant engagement and delivering a dynamic event.

Speed & User Interface Improvements

Recognizing the importance of efficiency and user experience, PheedLoop has made significant enhancements to the Meet & Stream platform, resulting in faster broadcast initiation and improved user interface.

Previously, starting a broadcast on Meet & Stream took approximately one minute to complete. However, thanks to the latest optimizations, event admins can now expect the broadcast to be up and running within just 15 seconds. This reduction in setup time enables event organizers to kickstart their sessions promptly, ensuring a seamless experience for both speakers and participants.

In addition to the speed improvements, PheedLoop has taken into account valuable feedback from hundreds of past events to enhance the user interface. Based on comprehensive analytics, the platform has been refined to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience for speakers. Whether it's activating their camera or screen share, speakers can now navigate the platform with ease, minimizing technical issues and eliminating the need for extensive tech checks. This refined user interface allows speakers to focus on delivering their content confidently, without distractions or interruptions.

Wrap Up 

PheedLoop's Meet & Stream platform continues to lead the way in providing event organizers with a comprehensive and intuitive streaming solution. With the introduction of moderation capabilities, event admins can exercise greater control over sessions, ensuring a professional and seamless event experience. The option to choose between different broadcast layout modes adds versatility and personalization, catering to the specific requirements of each session. Furthermore, speed improvements and user interface enhancements streamline the overall process, empowering speakers to deliver their content effortlessly.

As PheedLoop continues to innovate and evolve, the Meet & Stream platform stands as a testament to the company's dedication to providing event organizers with the tools they need to create exceptional virtual and hybrid events. With the new moderation capabilities, event admins can confidently orchestrate engaging sessions, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Explore the possibilities with PheedLoop's Meet & Stream, and take your events to new heights of success.

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