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May 20, 2021
Product Updates

Introducing LoopCoins, Magic Login, and EventPulse (New Dashboard Metrics)!

Introducing LoopCoins, Magic Login, and EventPulse (New Dashboard Metrics)!

Our team is extremely hard at work right now on a couple of huge product reveals and company announcements, but we know you all love seeing new things come out to PheedLoop all the time so here’s some stuff to be excited about this week! We can’t wait to share the big releases coming up in just a couple of days, so stay tuned!

Introducing LoopCoins - Earn Coins, Win Free Event Tech!

We’ve been thinking for a long time about how to create a fun and scalable system to bring the PheedLoop community together and reward them at the same time for just being awesome. It’s you all that have made PheedLoop the highest rated event management platform in the world over the last 5 years, and we want to do more to engage and reward you!

So, we’re announcing our own fun currency called LoopCoin! LoopCoins are now live in all your dashboards, and they are a way for you to earn coins and redeem them for all kinds of things like free user credits, power-ups (like gamification, check-in kiosks, floor plans, and more!), and soon lots of exclusive PheedLoop swag!

We’ve started by giving everyone 500 free LoopCoins! So how do you earn more LoopCoins?
  1. Share your referral link, found in your LoopCoin wallet (you’ll get coins for every new referral and even more for every new signup)
  2. Keep an eye out on social media, our blog, and newsletter for codes that you can redeem (for example, the first 50 people to use the code COINLAUNCH will get 100 free LoopCoins!)
  3. Attend our quarterly user conferences and regular events to win really big stashes of LoopCoins

We soft launched LoopCoins earlier this week, and are already seeing so many of you winning big - nice job! We can’t wait to add lots of new ways to earn and new things to win real soon.

LoopCoin Screenshot

Introducing EventPulse - New Event Summary Metrics on Your Home Page

Rolling out to all events this weekend!

A huge focus for us has always been on the behind-the-scenes experience for events - in other words, you, the event planners! From making big investments in new ways for you to automate and decentralize the way you work with things like stakeholder portals and task automation, to even managing your payments and contracts by making things transparent, instant, and simple.

As we leave the old event admin dashboard experience behind, which proudly served us all for over 4 years, we’re proud to bring back the one thing we know you all missed - a landing page with a snapshot of all your most relevant metrics! Although we added a completely new and supercharged real-time analytics system a few weeks ago called SmartSight, we still missed that home page.

Not only have we brought it back, we’ve dubbed it EventPulse and oh boy, it’s awesome! We will continue to grow the tool before your eyes as it’s built to be far more performant and scalable than the old dashboard. Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the new experience!

Magic Login Links for Seamless Attendee Access

Rolling out to all events this weekend!

We know so many of you have been asking for this, well it’s finally here! Previously this was a feature only for our on-site software like the hybrid mobile event app, EventBuddy, but given just how critical virtual events have become in this day and age, we’ve extended this feature to the virtual event portal as well. Magic login links allow your new attendees to simply click on a link, and automatically login instead of having to fumble for passwords!

The best part? You don’t have to do anything different at all! The magic links will automatically be embedded in the event welcome emails as well as any custom announcements you send that you opt to have credentials included for (the magic link portion will be appended to your call to action link when the announcement is sent out, and will work if the link you enter specifically directs people to the virtual event portal).

The magic link login system will only work for attendees who have not set a custom password, so it’s perfect to create a frictionless first impression for your newest attendees!

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