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February 10, 2022
Product Updates

Introducing Custom Data Visualizations and Chart Generation with PheedLoop DataViz!

Introducing Custom Data Visualizations and Chart Generation with PheedLoop DataViz!

Promo Alert! If you are a new customer signing up or existing customer renewing between February 1, 2022 and February 28, 2022, you will receive a free Advanced SmartSight and Analytics power-up credit for free! PheedLoop Advanced SmartSight and Analytics is the lowest-cost and most feature-rich option on the market to extract rich real-time data and insight down to every click and every second at your event!

We’ve been working hard lately to help our customers take their ability to analyze how their events perform to a whole new level. We recently announced our brand new advanced custom reporting function, that comes packaged for free with all accounts. We then announced our API endpoint that allows our customers to fetch custom report data via their own code. This is an industry-first and vital for future-focused events and organizations where streamlined data and business intelligence are mission critical components of their strategies.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a brand new layer to our advanced reporting system, called DataViz! It’s a highly customizable and visual way to view all kinds of event related data, helping you go from event execution to event analysis immediately.

It’s time to skip the endless frustration of downloading reports, cleaning data, and generating charts (and doing this every single time you need updated data), by using DataViz to generate all kinds of awesome charts in a heartbeat!

How it Works

DataViz is an extremely simple tool to use, but it packs in a lot of functionality under the hood. There are two primary things you need to know about - Chart Groups, and Charts. Chart Groups are essentially containers for charts, and you can create as many as you like. For example, a Chart Group may be created for something like general event health for a quick glance at how your event is doing, finance metrics for your sales and accounting team to track ticket sales and payments, or gamification metrics for your attendee engagement manager to quickly see how attendees are feeling in real-time. These are just examples, you can create anything you like!

Charts, as you may expect, are visual representations of a data point you want to visualize. You can select from countless metrics to power a chart, and select from pie, bar and line charts. These charts are highly optimized to load data, even massive amounts, quickly and efficiently. Adding charts is very similar to creating advanced reports, except you’re focused on one data point at a time. There are no limits on Chart Groups or the number of Charts in a Chart Group.

The cherry on the top is that the entire layout for a Chart Group is super flexible. You can resize and reposition all your Charts in any way you like, and always load the Chart Group up again to see your saved changes. You can also export individual charts with a single click, both the data and the visual chart itself. We’re working hard to make this a slick and modern approach to event analytics!

Why it Matters

Data is everything these days. The simple fact is that if you’re not tracking your organization’s key performance indicators closely, you’re likely losing revenue, spending more money, wasting more time, and worst of all, you may be focused on the wrong things altogether. There are countless event platforms out there that offer basic data functionality, or they may offer loads of data but it’s nothing more than an Excel dump.

We’ve invested heavily into things like SmartSight, Advanced Reporting, DataViz, and our Custom Reports API because we are seeing future focused event planners struggling with the limitations of existing systems and their limited and/or clunky reporting capabilities.

So the reason all this matters is because the future of events, yours included, will absolutely depend on building a feedback loop of event data and event planning, not just the latter. Our goal is to be the system that ensures your events don’t miss a beat.

What it Costs

Like everything else we release, DataViz is totally free. As you know, making events accessible is critically important to us, and that starts with ensuring the tech is affordable. DataViz will fall under the SmartSight/Advanced Analytics power up, meaning if your event is equipped with the power up, you’ll unlock a few extra features that will make things even better. In DataViz’s case, this means faster data refreshes (the same way SmartSight works). Without the power up, your data source will be updated about every 60 minutes, versus every 1 minute with Advanced SmartSight and Analytics. For the majority of events and their use-cases, the difference won’t matter and they’ll be fine using the free system.

Don’t forget that we’re offering Advanced SmartSight and Analytics for free this month to new and returning customers who renew their contracts within the month of February, 2022.

Future Plans

As you may expect, this is really just the beginning. DataViz, SmartSight, Advanced Custom Reporting, and the Reports API are foundational pieces of infrastructure we need to execute on our much bigger vision. Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect a major focus on automation, intelligence, and sharing from PheedLoop when it comes to your data. Look out for things like automated reports, email updates, Slack integrations, more data points, shareable Chart Groups, automated alerts, and more. Stay tuned!

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