New Interactive Floor Plan Builder for In-Person and Hybrid Events!
January 9, 2023

Events are Coming Back In-Person, and PheedLoop’s Ready!

All event professionals have heard for many months from event technology providers is the endless sales pitch that virtual events are the future, and more recently, the fuzzy concept of hybrid events. Virtual and hybrid events are definitely a big part of the future and come with countless advantages, but tides are turning, mass vaccinations are underway, events are planning for on-site experiences again. The good news is, PheedLoop is too, and we’re going way beyond the basics!

The reality is becoming increasingly obvious for virtual event tech companies - in-person events are hard! Simply streaming content or video calling between attendees isn’t enough, there are countless logistical elements involved in planning in-person events.

If your goal is to invest long-term in a true end-to-end event management platform, PheedLoop’s going to be your best bet. Our platform and team has been powering in-person events for years and thousands of virtual events too, so we know what it takes.

Over the next weeks and months, you’re going to see PheedLoop announce many refreshed in-person event products that we’ve been updating behind the scenes over the course of the pandemic, hidden from view as we unleashed countless virtual event products. Get ready for some amazing updates for in-person events!

Floor Plan Builder Animation PheedLoop

New Interactive Floor Plan Builder

One differentiator among many PheedLoop has traditionally had in its offering for events is the ability to implement interactive floor plans allowing for embeddable widgets, live booth selection, navigation, and more. Particularly useful for trade shows.

We’ve always touted how self-serve the PheedLoop platform is, but one aspect of it that certainly wasn’t was the design and implementation of interactive floor plans. It required event planners to send us their floor plans, and our designers re-rendering them in an interactive format. It often required a lot of back and forth, updates, and manual iteration, and although we realize that’s the status quo in our industry, it didn’t align well with our approach to letting event planners take maximum control of their events.

Well, that’s now all a thing of the past. Our new floor plan builder is now live, and it is a tool that allows you to create interactive floor plans all on your own!

The new floor plan builder is in beta mode right now, available for anyone to use! Even if you don’t have the interactive floor plan power-up, you can use the floor plan builder to create and export floor plans as images for external use. With the power-up, the floor plan is automatically embedded and integrated into all the different portals your offers and fits right into your workflows (e.g. booth selection for exhibit sales, navigation in the mobile app, etc.)

Interactive Booth Selection PheedLoop

Feature Highlights

The following are a bunch of key aspects and benefits of the interactive floor plan system! Many are available for free use, some may require the power-up (primarily ones related to embedded functionality in portals and externally).

  • Syncs with all the booths you’ve added to your PheedLoop event
  • Support for a custom background image that helps you guide your floor plan’s design
  • Auto-layout tool, enabling you to put all your booths on the floor plan with one click
  • Supports unlimited booths and unlimited floor plans
  • Customize your floor plan with custom colors, texts, shapes, and more
  • Integrated with your event website, and embeddable in third-party websites
  • Integrated with exhibitor portals, allowing for floor plan previews and booth selection
  • Integrated with mobile event app, allowing for easy pan/zoom/tap navigation
  • Instantly synced with back-end changes made to booth assignments

Wrap Up

We’re so excited about our new interactive floor plan builder, and are looking forward to your feedback! We have lots of ideas to implement to make it easier and faster to use, more customizable, and more useful! Keep your ideas coming, and we look forward to seeing you use this new tool for your on-site events!

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