Implementing Experiential Marketing in Your Events Strategy ft Sara Lieber from Drift!

In this episode of the ‘Where People Meet’ podcast, we are joined by Sara Lieber, Event Marketing Manager at Drift, the leading customer conversation tool for conversational marketing, sales and service. Drift’s mission of going beyond a technology company to being a connection company is one that resonates with us deeply, so much so that we employ Drift for things like chatbots and meetings here at PheedLoop! Drift is all about connecting buyers with sellers and empowering experiences. Sara has been leading Drift’s Event Marketing division since joining the company back in June of 2021. 

Between her role at Drift and her previous positions in the events industry, Sara has amassed a wealth of experience that we got the privilege to tap into during this episode. Sara answered a few questions about her background in the meetings and events industry, how the pandemic shifted Drift’s events strategy, how she worked to implement experiential marketing and the complications that came out of it, what some of the results and failures were, and she also shares some useful tips for our listeners on how they can adopt an event strategy at their own organization that focuses on experiences rather than simply events!

If you’re interested in connecting with Sara Lieber to discuss any of this in greater detail or to learn more about her expertise, you can do so at any of the following resources:

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