How to Streamline the Event Check-In Process

Your event wouldn’t be an event without your attendees. You’ve put together a great program, spread the word and the RSVPs are flowing in. Now, how can you make actually getting in the door as simple as possible?

Event check-in may be low on your event organizing priority list, but a streamlined check-in process helps you start your guests off on the right foot. An organized, simple check-in will save both you and your event’s attendees from juggling tickets, badges, QR codes and kiosks.

In this post, we give you a guide to streamlining your event’s check-in process. Make a great first impression, and kick off a smooth run of show with an expertly organized check-in system.

Event Registration

Before your first guest sets foot in the venue (or enters the Zoom waiting room), you’ll need to be prepared with an RSVP or registration list. This list of all ticket holders is your bible for everything from pre-event email marketing to variable line items in your budget to venue capacity. And, of course, how can you admit registrants without a list?

A robust event management platform is the key to smoothly and seamlessly taking guests from registrant to attendee. For example, with PheedLoop, guests will register via your web page or mobile app, and your registration list will feed into your PheedLoop-synced check-in kiosks, QR code scanners and wireless badge printers on the day of the event.

So, before you even consider where to put your check-in kiosks, invest in an event management platform to act as your one-stop shop for registration, ticketing, check-in and badge creation. Keeping all relevant attendee information in one place will simplify check-in no matter what type of event you’re putting on. 

See how PheedLoop seamlessly integrates event registration and check-in for a truly streamlined process.

In-Person Event Check-In

With the return to in-person events, you may be a little rusty on how to best run your event’s check-in process. Not to worry: with preparation and strategy, a smooth event flow can be achieved even after two years of virtual events!

There are several strategies for in-person event check-in, ranging from touchless to traditional ticketing. Consider your venue and your event’s needs when determining how to handle check-in; efficiency and clarity should be your top priorities. What works for thousands of convention guests may not be the right choice for an academic conference, for example.

Pre-Event Check-in

We’ve talked about the importance of event communications on the PheedLoop blog. Pre-event check-in emails or mobile app notifications prepare both you and your guests for day-of check-in. If there are COVID pre-screenings, session registration or attendee info you need ahead of time, pre-event check-in communications ensure your team is ready for a smooth event schedule. 

Keep your pre-event comms succinct, yet comprehensive. A solid “how to check in” email should include your event’s date, time, venue, specific check-in location and what guests will need to gain entry to the event.

Traditional Ticketing

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – traditional check-in or ticket retrieval can be quick and effective. Break your attendees into groups you’ll need designated check-in stations for: sponsors, vendors, staff/volunteers, your various ticketing tiers including priority or VIP access, and unregistered guests. Creating a specific “help” or questions table will keep your lines moving smoothly.

Self Check-In 

Self check-in, be it through a mobile app or kiosk, can be great for larger events – not to mention, apps and kiosks are a far more sustainable check-in option than paper tickets. 

If your event has a mobile app (it should!), promote engagement by running check-in through the app. Guests can fill out their registration information and receive a QR code or verification email for admission. Push notifications are a great way to disseminate last-minute information or event changes to attendees – if they need to have IDs ready, or show a specific badge, for example. With guests using your event’s app to build their own session schedules and view event details anyway, mobile check-in is the perfect way to keep them clicking.  

Individual check-in kiosks, like the ones PheedLoop offers, take the stress of your event team and allow guests to come and go freely. A self check-in kiosk set-up will streamline guest entry from the jump. 

Go With the Flow

When it comes to the physical flow of your check-in process, first things first: put your check-in in the most obvious location. Wherever your guests enter is where you want to be set up, to direct traffic as soon as attendees set foot in the door. 

Keep your check-in table open well into the program, if only to answer guest questions that may arise. Always having a check-in station open will cut down on lines throughout your event.

Make communication between you and your team as simple as possible. Cell phones or walkies are reliable, as is setting up your team’s home base within a quickly reachable distance from check-in.

Finally, clearly marking your lines or kiosks with signage and event staff is the most important thing you can do to streamline the check-in process. Signs and personnel directing people towards check-in will create a logical flow for your guests. 

Virtual Event Check-In

No venue, no problem. Virtual events take away the stress of wrangling guest in-person, but they come with their own check-in protocols.

Pre-event communication is particularly important for virtual events. A comprehensive guide to registering for your event, and its various virtual sessions, will come in handy. You want to make sure your guests know exactly how to sign up for each stream, and if there will be different links for each. Consider sending pre-event emails, creating a demo video or enabling virtual session registration through your event’s app to keep logistics crystal clear for attendees.

Day-of, be sure to have staff on hand to troubleshoot as guests join. Continue your email communication throughout the event so attendees know exactly what link to click to join the sessions they’re registered for. 

As with all virtual event components, practice makes perfect. Practicing your virtual registration and check-in system so you know exactly how your guests are navigating your event will inspire you to simplify your process. 


Your guests make the event, so make your event as easy to enjoy as possible. No matter in-person, hybrid or virtual, kick off your event with a simple, streamlined check-in process. From mobile app registration to on-site kiosks, PheedLoop can help.

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