How to Navigate Event Trends and Budget Realities in the Association Industry ft. Danielle Lamothe from CSAE
October 3, 2023

In this episode of the "Where People Meet Podcast," we’re joined by Danielle Lamothe, Vice President of Learning and Innovation at the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). With a remarkable background in the association and membership industry, Danielle delves into the challenges and strategies faced by associations in the ever-changing events landscape. 

Being an industry veteran, Danielle provides insights into her role and background within the meetings and events domain. She sheds light on the impact of rising costs and limited budgets on associations, emphasizing the unique position these organizations hold as they bring people together while working within the constraints of member funds. Danielle addresses the strategies employed by CSAE to successfully execute events with limited resources, particularly in the post-pandemic landscape. Drawing from their own experience, she provides valuable tips for event planners facing similar resource challenges. The discussion covers innovative ways to design meaningful experiences, revealing how CSAE has navigated this terrain, such as offering a mix of in-person and virtual events throughout the year. Wrapping up the episode, Danielle shares her perspective on the evolving industry and offers listeners a final insight into her work. 

If you’re interested in connecting with Danielle Lamothe to discuss any of this in greater detail or to learn more about her expertise, you can do so at the following resources:

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