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June 14, 2022
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How to Maximize Value for Hybrid Event Exhibitors

How to Maximize Value for Hybrid Event Exhibitors

Some classic combos: Peanut butter and jelly, burgers and fries, exhibitors and in-person events. When it comes to trade shows or expos, exhibitors are the event’s lifeblood. There’s nothing like connecting in-person with new leads and existing customers. But with events trending towards hybrid formats, it’s become trickier to convince exhibitors of your event’s value. How can you get exhibitors on board without the tried-and-true benefits of a solely in-person event?

In this post, we give you several ways to maximize value for your exhibitors at your next hybrid event. 

Give exhibitors more bang for their buck

Create value for your hybrid exhibitors by embracing the unique strengths of hybrid event formats. Hybrid events are no longer the second-best option; they present a variety of ways for exhibitors to get involved with an event and boost their brand recognition (which is great for you, too!)

73% of event planners expect hybrid events to be more common in the future, according to Meeting Spotlight (Turner, 2021).

No-limits exhibitor packages

In-person and virtual components to your event means that you can sell your exhibitors on multiple experiences within one event. Exhibitors can exhibit solely in-person, solely online in a virtual exhibit hall setup, or they can get the best of both worlds and book a booth in both. Give your exhibitors the ability to maximize the value they get out of your hybrid event by creating visibility across platforms. Hybrid events aren’t a second-rate event format that we’re moving towards out of necessity; in-person and virtual events complement each other to create multiple touchpoints for your exhibitors and provide educational opportunities and personal connection, all in one ultra-connected event.

New exhibitor opportunities

Because hybrid events offer several options for exhibitors to get involved, you can create bespoke opportunities for up-and-coming exhibitors to participate in your event virtually for a lower-cost. Virtual exhibitor packages make it easy for newer companies or brands with smaller budgets to get value out of your event, even if they’re not attending IRL. It’s a win-win: exhibitors reap the benefits of your event, connecting with potential leads and boosting brand awareness, while you get to expand your event presence while keeping your physical footprint small and your budget low. Offer your guests a mind-blowing variety of exhibitors across in-person and online events, and make it clear to exhibitors that the opportunities that come with a virtual booth are limitless! 

Put your exhibitors front and center

If you’re attending an event in-person, it’s pretty easy to tell where the exhibit hall is. But hybrid events present the new challenge of steering your guests towards interacting with exhibitors both in the venue and online, depending on how they’re attending. How can you put exhibitors front and center?

Increase attendee engagement

With the overwhelming majority of exhibitors participating in trade shows or expos because they want to raise awareness of their brand, it’s imperative that your hybrid event directs traffic to their booths, be it on foot or through clicks, to maximize value. To do this, get your guests talking! It’s a basic equation: engaged attendees = interaction with exhibitors = increased brand awareness

Increasing attendee engagement has never been easier, between sophisticated event management platforms and an industry adapting to virtual event formats. Ensure value for your exhibitors by advertising their participation in-person and online: use pop-ups or offer codes on your event’s mobile app and website, provide clear instructions for attendees to find the exhibit halls, even have exhibitors sponsor event sessions relevant to their brand. The more points of access attendees have to engage with your exhibitors, the more return your exhibitors will see.

Market your exhibitors

Hand-in-hand with attendee engagement is properly marketing your exhibitors. Stimulate exhibitor ROI by incorporating exhibitors into your event marketing strategy; attendee outreach through email marketing, social media and other sponsored content is perfect for creating high visibility opportunities to show off your exhibitors. Content marketing that emphasizes the uniqueness and exclusivity of your hybrid event’s exhibitor offerings plays a big part in increasing brand awareness and guest engagement.

Harness the power of your event management platform

Running your hybrid event manually, or with multiple incompatible event tech tools, is a recipe for disaster. Simply put, you need a powerful event management platform to run a truly connected hybrid event – and to maximize value for your exhibitors.

A customizable experience

A platform that simplifies exhibitor management makes both your life and your exhibitors’ lives easier. For example, PheedLoop’s exhibitor portals streamline the onboarding, payment, registration and exhibition processes, allowing your exhibitors to take control of their hybrid event experience. They can tailor their virtual booth and online presence to their liking, creating the time and space to focus on brand awareness and lead generation instead of finicky event tech or physical contracts. Create value for your exhibitors by creating an enjoyable event management experience. 

Advanced analytics

Finally, the way exhibitors will be able to truly measure your event’s value is with hard data. Using an event management platform with advanced analytics capabilities allows you to promise real ROI to your exhibitors. Attendee-generated data, surveys, polls, data insights on lead generation and visibility – a great platform makes event success clear and achievable. Your exhibitors can then take their data and continue to get value out of your event by planning follow-up actions to grow their brand. From qualitative feedback to quantitative data, the right event management platform will give your exhibitors a comprehensive look at their success in the venue and online. 

PheedLoop is equipped with advanced real-time analytic technology. With hundreds of actions - exhibit leads, virtual booth visits, chat messages exchanged between exhibitor and attendee - you can guarantee value for your exhibitors.


Hybrid events are here to stay. A changing event landscape means the metrics by which exhibitors determine event success are also changing. Demonstrate the value of your event by playing to the strengths of hybrid event formats. No-limits exhibition opportunities, virtual and in-person promotion and an event experience put in the hands of your exhibitors spell value, no matter in-person or virtual.

Power your next hybrid event with PheedLoop’s simple, streamlined platform.  

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