How to Foster a Community of Corporate Event Planners ft. Jason Koop from Canadian Special Events Media Group (CSE Live)

In this episode of the ‘Where People Meet’ podcast, we are joined by Jason Koop from CSE Media Group. Jason is a writer, influencer, fan of Canadian event experiences, and the VP of Business Development with Canadian Special Events. After more than 15 years in the apparel industry managing accounts for some of the world’s largest designers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vanity Fair Corp, Jason was ready for a change. Combining his relationship-building skills with his marketing background and his new love for events, he has built the largest following of corporate event professionals in Canada for CSE and is helping to lead the brand to a new level of success. 

We were incredibly lucky to have Jason sit down and answer a few questions about his background in the meetings and events industry, why he left his career in the apparel industry to pursue his own project in the events industry, what are some parallels and differences between the two industries, and how he applied his background in the corporate world to successfully grow in the events industry. We also learn whether Jason always had a goal of creating the biggest community of corporate event planners in Canada or if it was a byproduct of creating the company, and some he learned along the way. Jason closes out the episode by giving the audience advice on how to launch an event and use it as a medium to foster and grow a community. 

If you’re interested in connecting with Jason Koop to discuss any of this in greater detail or to learn more about his expertise, you can do so at the following resources:

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