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October 24, 2022
Event Tips

How to Design the Perfect Event Name Badge

How to Design the Perfect Event Name Badge

As event technology and event organizers continue to innovate on the way we do events on a large scale, why shouldn’t the tried-and-true event name badge get an upgrade, too? Name badges are much more than paper inserts and lanyards with someone’s credentials thrown on. They’re a tangible memory, a way to show off an attendee’s identity, a portable event info hub. There’s a reason why attendees keep their name badges as keepsakes after a great event – name badges are more important and sentimental than we think! 

In this article, we discuss why name badges are important for events of all sizes, and how to design a unique, functional badge for your next event. 

What Should a Good Name Badge Do? 

What should a good name badge do besides display someone’s name, that is. A well-placed name is important, but a good name badge is something that promotes networking and brand recognition, and keeps your event running smoothly.

For your event attendees, a well-designed name badge is the key to successful networking. Being able to identify someone’s name, title and company at a glance helps eventgoers find the people they’ve been dying to talk to (maybe they’re scoping out the connections they’ve made on your custom event app). 

For your company and your sponsors, name badges are a simple way to boost name recognition. Use name badges’ high-visibility real estate for sponsor or event logo placement. 

Name badges can be useful for your event team on the day-of. Color coding or otherwise marking badges based on ticket tiers, event access levels or programming offerings keeps your event organized and high-level. It’s not just the name; a good name badge facilitates connections of all kinds.

What Should a Good Name Badge Look Like? 

We’ve waxed poetic about what a name badge should do for you and your event – what does that look like in practice? Here are tips for designing a clear, effective (and attractive!) event name badge.

Make the Name the Focal Point

The main attraction on a name badge should be, of course, the attendee’s name. The person’s name should be the biggest design element on the badge to allow for at-a-distance readability. It’s okay if the name overshadows event details or logos; literal name recognition is the goal.

Names are best formatted with first and last name on separate lines, with the first name larger than the last name. This allows your badge’s name to take up enough space to be the focal point.

Include a QR Code

You’d be hard pressed to find an event these days that isn’t using QR codes for everything from check-in to a venue map. QR codes are a great element to include on a badge precisely because they can contain so much information in one place. Scan a QR code and have an attendee’s event profile pop up for advanced networking capabilities, or make your code a built-in event information hub.

Place your name and your QR codes far apart enough, for readability’s sake, with the QR code near the bottom of the badge. QR codes should be large enough for point-and-go scanning. 

Keep it Simple

Less is more when it comes to badge design. You don’t need much more than a name, QR code, any ticketing or event pass designations and an event logo – you only have a few square inches of space! 

It’s tempting to make your logo or splashy graphics the star of your badge, but between your event’s app and website, in-person branding and great event programming, your attendees will have plenty of opportunities to engage with your brand. It’s best to keep badges simple and cleanly designed. And when in doubt, you can always use the back of your badge for sponsor logo placement and other event details.

Keep it even simpler by using an event management platform like PheedLoop to handle your event’s name badges from design to print. Plus, you can put your badges’ QR codes to good use by integrating PheedLoop’s event apps to track attendance, registration and more.

PheedLoop Now Supports Direct Thermal Badge Stock 

PheedLoop is coming out with new direct thermal badges to add to our standard PVC badges and lanyards! The direct thermal option offers a streamlined and faster event check-in process for clients of PheedLoop.

Instead of printing attendee details onto a label which then gets appended to the badge, PheedLoop's direct thermal card stock can be fed directly into our rentable printers allowing attendee details to print directly onto the badges. This cuts down on the number of staff required for registration desks and helps to get attendees through the doors in record speed!

But wait, there's more - this option is fully-recyclable allowing you to meet growing demands for improved environmental stewardship at your next event.

Direct thermal badges with PheedLoop premium lanyard (left) and basic lanyard (right)


  • Most environmentally-friendly option - card stocks can be recycled
  • No labels required compared to the PVC labels previously
  • Direct feed makes check-in process much faster than before

Go Beyond the Basic Badge

Our design tips cover the essentials, but what about physical name badge format? We’ve seen hundreds of standard plastic name badges on lanyards. Just as name badges are useful for networking and individual recognition, they’re an opportunity for attendees to engage with your event in a unique way. Try a creative alternative to the usual for an eye-catching, but still classy, name badge:

  • Badges that unfold into maps of the venue and/or event schedules 
  • Eco-friendly badges made of alternative materials, like seed paper or reusable e-ink badges, to cut down on paper and plastic waste
  • Badges that include space to write a fun fact about the attendee, such as their favorite place to visit in the host city, why they’re passionate about their industry or even an open-ended prompt like “Talk to me about…”
  • Functional souvenirs that double as event name badges, like notepads or business card holders


Make your event’s name badge the ultimate keepsake by using our tips for clear, concise, unique badge design. Badges can be so much more than just a piece of plastic on a lanyard. For your event’s attendees, badges represent connection and memories; for you and your sponsors, name badges are another great avenue for brand recognition and event promotion. 

Remember: the name is the star of the show. Simplicity is key for a name badge that looks good, works well and provides value for everyone from guests to event staff. PheedLoop makes creating name badges a breeze, from perfecting your design to handing badges out on the day of your event. Check out a demo today.

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