How to Captivate an Audience as an Events Emcee ft. Kraig Kleeman from Kraig Kleeman Live!

In this episode of the ‘Where People Meet’ podcast, we are joined by Kraig Kleeman, founder and originator of Kraig Kleeman Live! and Rock The C-Suite. Kraig brings a wealth of experience to the podcast as an established showrunner for events like The World Leaders Forum and has shared the stage with influential figures like George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Bringing a self-proclaimed fusion of Elon Musk and Mick Jagger, Kraig is one of the world’s greatest Event Emcees, and we were lucky enough to have him sit down and answer a few questions for our Where People Meet audience! 

Kraig talks about his background in the meetings and events industry, where he got his first taste of events emceeing, how he established his name in the public speaker and emcee space, and what were some of the strategies he used. Kraig also talks about why he only seems to target corporate events, and some of the tactics he uses to engage them. As always, we close out the episode with Kraig giving the Where People Meet audience some tips and tricks on how to improve their public speaking skills and captivate an audience! 

If you’re interested in connecting with Kraig Kleemam to discuss any of this in greater detail or to learn more about his expertise, you can do so at the following resources:

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