Guest Ticket Registration Now Available in PheedLoop’s NEW Registration and On-site Check-In System!
April 21, 2023

PheedLoop’s April Promotion

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All event professionals know how important it is to have a reliable and user-friendly registration system in place. With PheedLoop's New Registration System, you are able to customize, configure and track your events like never before. But despite its instant hit with our customers, there was one issue event planners were facing - the requirement of entering an unique email address for all ticket holders. This requirement can create problems when registering guests who may not have an email address or when someone else is registering a guest on their behalf.

To address this issue, PheedLoop is excited to announce its brand NEW Guest Ticket Registration option, which doesn't require entering an email address for attendees. This feature is designed to help event organizers better accommodate guests who may not have an email address or are being registered by someone else.

Here are three key points to keep in mind about this new feature:

No Email Address Required

With Guest Ticket Registration, event admins can now designate specific tickets as Guest Tickets. This means that attendees can register for these tickets without providing an email address. Other information such as first name, last name, organization, title, and designations can still be entered. This is particularly helpful for guests like spouses or children, who may not have their own email addresses and for events that are unable to collect contact information from guests (such as events for minors).

The Guest Ticket Registration option is incredibly easy to use. Simply create a new ticket type, select "Allow Guest Purchases," and you're all set!

Guest Ticket Holders Can Still Print Badges

Even though Guest Ticket Holders may not have an email address, they will still be able to use some features in PheedLoop, such as the ability to print their badge using our On-Site Check-In Kiosk system. This ensures that guests are properly identified and accounted for throughout the event.

Easy Adjustments

Event admins can easily adjust the details of Guest Ticket Holders within the PheedLoop dashboard. This provides greater control and flexibility for organizers who may need to make changes to guest registration details!

Please note: Each individual Guest Ticket holder will account for a user credit within PheedLoop. Additionally, Guest Ticket Holders will not have an attendee profile because of the lack of email address. This means they will not be able to use features like the Virtual Portal or the Event App.

Guest Tickets and Seat Planner

One of the most exciting things about Guest Ticket Registration is that it also works seamlessly with PheedLoop's Seat Planner. With Guest Ticket Registration and Seat Planner, event organizers can easily accommodate guests and plan their seating arrangements all in one place!

Wrap up

Overall, the addition of Guest Ticket Registration to PheedLoop's registration system offers greater flexibility and convenience for event organizers and attendees alike. This new feature is a testament to our commitment to providing event organizers with the tools they need to create the best possible experience for their guests.

We're excited to offer this new Guest Ticket Registration option to our customers. By making it easier to register guests without an email address, we hope to make your event planning experience even smoother and more streamlined. So why wait? Start using PheedLoop's Guest Ticket Registration feature today and give your guests the best possible experience. To learn more, please reach out to

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