Announcing Free Selfie Photo Booths for Virtual and Hybrid Events!

The Backstory

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? Brings back memories of birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s or popping a couple of quarters and cramming into a much-too-small booth at the cinemas. Good times!

As most of you know, we ran our Q1 2021 user conference some days back, Changemakers. It was a huge hit - lots of product reveals, networking, education, games, fundraising, entertainment, the whole nine yards. Days before the event we decided to try to do something different in the lobby to change things up, so we decided to build in a photo booth!

Photo Booth Collage PheedLoop Virtual Events Selfies

What we thought was a total gimmick turned out to be one of the most popular features we announced! We were immensely proud of releasing some pretty amazing and advanced new products and features, but the consistent feedback was that people loved the new photo booth feature.

Thanks to the photo booth feature, Changemakers really came to life the moment someone logged in. You weren’t greeted with a basic list of avatars and stock photo avatars, you were greeted with a very human experience. Everyone’s fun and quirky photos added a huge amount of personality, and we expect this to be the case for all events!

Photo Booth Overview

Fast forward a couple of days (and although so many of you have already been using it in beta), here we are officially announcing the new photo booth feature! It’s free to use, can be customized with your own backgrounds, shows up in the event feed, and it just works great!

All you need to do to activate and use it is visit your event’s virtual (not on-site) settings, and enable it. Set a custom background via the virtual design settings, and you’re ready to go. You can always delete (or unapprove) posts via the Networking > Event Feed tab along with all the posts contributed by your on-site attendees via the on-site PheedLoop portals.

PheedLoop Photo Booth Selfie Demo

Hybrid and Physical Events, Bridging the Gap

A great advantage of the photo booth feature is that it plugs right into your social event feed. The reason this is so important is that your on-site attendees can use the PheedLoop mobile event app designed for on-site experiences to take photos and contribute to the same exact feed that virtual attendees will contribute their photo booth selfies to.

Promote Sponsors

If it wasn’t obvious already, this is a golden opportunity to recognize sponsors! Customize the photo booth background image, encourage sharing of selfies, and have every single photo provide even more exposure for your sponsors. It’s so simple and effective, a huge ROI boost right on the home page of your event be it physical, on-site, or both.

Road Map

Given the popularity of this feature, we’ll be investing more time and energy into adding to it. You can expect better algorithms and user experiences to produce higher quality photos, options for social media sharing, and more!

Special Offer!

For any new customers coming on board in April 2021 or renewing their contract, we’re offering Advanced SmartSight for free! Apply this credit to any of your events, any time. If you joined us or renewed in April before this blog post went live, just reach out to our team and we’ll add the credits to your account! We make an effort to provide some free benefits to all new customers to welcome them to the PheedLoop Phamily! Read more here.

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