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December 2, 2021
Product Updates

Free OnSight Check-In & Badge Printing For New and Returning Customers Until Dec. 31st!

Free OnSight Check-In & Badge Printing For New and Returning Customers Until Dec. 31st!

It’s that time of the year again when warmth and generosity are in the air, and we certainly are feeling it here at PheedLoop! Just a few days back, we announced our unlimited free event tier, a huge deal for us and all the event planners we work with. Now, as your teams and ours work hard to return to on-site events safely and innovatively, we wanted to take this opportunity to share that we will be offering our OnSight Touchless Check-In and Badge Printing power-up for free this month to new and returning customers. We truly hope this helps your events return on-site more quickly, efficiently, and affordably. For more information, read below.

We’ve worked extremely hard over the last year to build upon our old on-site check-in and badge printing systems, and the result is totally awesome! Among the countless features OnSight offers, what event planners love about PheedLoop is that all the technology is built by us 100%. Critical components like badge printing and check-in aren’t offloaded to integrations and third-party platforms that just never work so smoothly, and cost far more. The idea of seamless integration is core to our philosophy as a company.

We unveiled PheedLoop OnSight a few months ago at Gamechangers, where we demonstrated major releases or updates to core components like:

  • Built-in native badge designer with personalized templates
  • Brand new interface featuring more ways to brand, personalize, and promote your event
  • COVID screening and verification surveys
  • Cloud-based badge printing
  • Touchless check-in using attendee QR code eBadges as a “boarding pass”
  • Custom badge templates depending on attendee group type
  • Event admin SMS and email notifications for specific attendees
  • Custom email confirmations and success pages depending on attendee group type
  • Badge re-prints and editing options on the spot, with walk-in registration

We also announced that PheedLoop now sells badges and lanyards, which has been incredibly helpful for event planners as they’ve been able to further streamline their processes and deal with only one fully integrated and affordable vendor. We released our eco-badges, which are 100% recyclable, extremely low-cost, and highly durable - they’ve been a hit! If you haven’t ordered your free sample badge kit, what are you waiting for? Submit your request here.

Free OnSight Check-In and Badge Printing Before December 31, 2021

If you are a new customer signing up or existing customer renewing between December 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021, you will receive a PheedLoop’s OnSight Touchless Check-In and Badge Printing power-up credit for free! PheedLoop OnSight is the lowest-cost and most feature-rich option on the market to power your on-site processes, you’ll love it!

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