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February 8, 2024
Product Updates

Explore PheedLoop’s NEW and Improved Custom Form!

Explore PheedLoop’s NEW and Improved Custom Form!

PheedLoop’s Custom Form has always been a trusted tool among our users due to its organized nature and simplicity in capturing attendees' information. Over the years, our team has seen clients garner amazing results by utilizing this feature to enhance engagement and interactions with attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and other event stakeholder groups. That’s why we recently got a focus group of PheedLoop power users together to gather feedback and insights on how to develop the next version of our Custom Form feature, ensuring it extends its capabilities and meets the diverse needs of our clients. 

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our improved Custom Form offers two new additions, providing a wealth of resources to streamline data collection and event planning! The updated Custom Form is now available for all PheedLoop users through Registration, in the Event App, our Exhibitor & Sponsor Application, and the Proposal System.

Let’s explore the two new updates in the Custom Form and tap into the amazing advantages they bring to your event!

Improve Identification and Security Measures For Filling Out Custom Forms With Attendee Authentication 

The vast majority of our customers use the Custom Forms feature to survey attendees for information collection purposes. With our latest Attendee Authentication update, you now can require attendees to confirm their identity before filling out any form! This powerful feature ensures event planners like yourself can easily pinpoint which attendee filled out which form as all submissions are seamlessly linked to individual attendee profiles for efficient data reconciliation. This means that when you send out any forms, attendees will be asked to log in with their unique profile credentials before accessing and completing them, ensuring information accuracy and security. 

Refine Event Management By Assigning a Registration Form or Ticket Form to Manually Created Registrations

PheedLoop users often use the Custom Form feature to send attendees surveys and questionnaires after they sign up for an event. This form can be crucial to the success of the event as it can gather important information on attendees such as getting consent for photos, finding out t-shirt sizes, or knowing dietary preferences and restrictions for meals. However, prior to the update, our users faced the challenge of checking whether attendees had completed the form. 

But don’t worry, based on your feedback, our team has developed a solution: an efficient approach that allows you to easily monitor attendees’ form submissions! Now, when you have a custom form that needs to be sent out to a newly signed-up attendee, you can select Registration in the event dashboard and create a special link by clicking on the "Get Form Link" button. This will directly take the attendee to the form they need to fill out. Once they submit the form, their responses will be automatically connected to their registration where you can see everything in the dashboard!

Similarly, this also works for ticket buyers where you can set up a form for them to fill out. Their responses will be automatically linked to their ticket purchase, providing you the ease of keeping all the important info together and ensuring the event goes smoothly. 

Additionally, this update also enhances your flexibility in organizing by allowing you to fill in the registration questions and ticket form questions associated with an individual registration on behalf of the registrant, ensuring your data and reports are accurate!

Wrap Up

The latest developments to our Custom Form not only showcase our commitment to prioritizing our clients but also our dedication to continuously improving our platform. By always listening to our community’s feedback and staying at the forefront of technology, we empower our users with cutting-edge tools to help them make data-driven decisions. Stay tuned for the many enhancements we are bringing to our platform in 2024!

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