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January 15, 2020
Product Updates

Exhibitors And Sponsors Can Now Assign Tickets To Event Staff And Guests

Exhibitors And Sponsors Can Now Assign Tickets To Event Staff And Guests

Last week, we announced connected tickets for sponsors and exhibitors, automating the process of giving out tickets that are a part of booth sales or sponsorship packages. This week, our engineering team has added another new system to empower your stakeholders and take a tedious task off your plate as an event manager.

Exhibitors and sponsors can now manage and assign tickets to event staff and guests through their portals. There’s no need to produce another coupon code and send it over; any tickets associated with their purchase can be assigned by the exhibitor or sponsor. Since the ticket type is already assigned, there’s no need to go through the full ticket registration process.

Exhibitors can add event staff in their portals and download their tickets right away. No need to register or look for another coupon code.

So if an exhibitor needs four staff for that 20x20 booth, the exhibitor can add their names to the ticket and (if you like) print it  without contacting the event manager. Event staff and guests can pick up their respective badges using their paper ticket or event app through the normal check-in and badge pick-up process on the day of the event. You can worry about bigger things.

More details:

  • Staff members get automatic confirmations, ticket PDFs, mobile app invitations and other standard information they’ll need for the event.
  • Your staff can be ready as soon as they arrive at the event. Lead retrieval invitations are fired off as soon as the ticket is assigned.

PheedLoop's task automation tools can remind exhibitors and sponsors to assign tickets to their staff. That’s another set of emails that you don’t need to worry about.

Our engineers are working on more ways to make the ticket process as easy as possible including a badge preview tool. 

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