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March 9, 2023
Product Updates

Exhibitor Meeting Booking Feature Now Available on PheedLoop!

Exhibitor Meeting Booking Feature Now Available on PheedLoop!

Networking is an essential aspect of any event. Attendees, exhibitors, and event organizers all have their own unique needs and goals when it comes to networking, which is why PheedLoop has been providing innovative networking solutions that cater to our event professionals’ requirements since our start back in 2015!

The Meeting Booking feature on PheedLoop has been one of our most popular upgrades since its launch. It enables attendees to schedule meetings with other event participants from directly within the Event App.

As PheedLoop is committed to continuous innovation and customer feedback, we have listened to our customers' requests and made significant improvements to the Meeting Booking feature. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the latest updates and explore how they can benefit attendees, exhibitors, and event organizers alike.

Summary of Latest Updates

The new updates are specifically geared towards attendee-to-exhibitor meeting booking. With the new updates from PheedLoop, attendees now have more flexibility and customization options, while event admins can better manage and tailor the booking process to meet their event’s unique needs. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Attendees can easily schedule meetings with exhibitors through the event app via a dedicated meeting booking form on an exhibitor’s page (separate from the attendee-to-attendee form), which saves time and simplifies the process.
  • Attendees can customize their own meeting booking availabilities, which provides greater flexibility and customization for their event experience.
  • Event admins can customize meeting locations, which provides a more personalized experience for attendees and helps to improve the overall event experience.
  • Exhibitor managers can oversee bookings for their entire team through their exhibitor dashboard. 

Meeting Request Button Within Exhibitor Profile

Have you ever attended an event and wanted to connect with a specific exhibitor, but struggled to schedule a meeting? One of the most significant updates our product team has made to the Meeting Booking feature is the availability of a Meeting Request button within the individual Exhibitor Profile. Instead of searching through the App or trying to contact an individual exhibitor representative, attendees can now request a meeting directly from the Exhibitor’s Profile.

When an attendee clicks the Request Meeting button, they'll see all available meeting times based on the exhibitor manager's individual meetings. This aggregated list of meeting times across all managers associated with the exhibitor makes scheduling a breeze. Attendees can select the time that works best for them, and the exhibitor manager will receive a notification of the request.

This update streamlines the process for both attendees and exhibitors to connect and schedule meetings, enhancing the overall conference experience.

Attendees Can Set Their Own Meeting Booking Availabilities

Another significant update to the Meeting Booking feature is that attendees can now set their own meeting booking availabilities. Previously, the event admin would set the default meeting timeframes that attendees can book meetings within. This update now allows attendees to override the default settings and set their personal meeting booking preferences based on their schedules.

This feature provides greater flexibility and customization for attendees, allowing them to schedule meetings at times that work best for them, and giving them a sense of control and autonomy over their conference experience. 

Attendees who have busy schedules or are attending the conference for specific reasons can now tailor their meeting schedules to meet their needs, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement!

Event Admins Can Customize Meeting Locations

In the past, attendees may have struggled to find designated areas or common locations to meet for business. To address this issue, we've added the ability for event admins to customize meeting locations!

Event admins can now create a drop-down list of locations for attendees to select from when booking a meeting. This makes it easier to designate specific areas for attendees to congregate and meet for business. It also ensures that attendees won't waste time searching for a meeting location, improving the overall conference experience.

Wrap Up

With these major updates to our Meeting Booking feature, we're excited to offer even more value to event attendees and organizers. The Meeting Request Button within the individual exhibitor profile makes scheduling meetings easier than ever, while attendees can now set their own meeting booking availabilities for a more personalized experience. And with event admins being able to customize meeting locations, attendees will never struggle to find a designated area for business meetings.

We're committed to continuously improving our Event App to provide the best experience possible for both attendees and organizers. With PheedLoop's updated Meeting Booking feature, you can elevate your conference experience and make valuable connections with ease!

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