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November 28, 2023
Event Tips

Deep Linking Push Notifications in the PheedLoop Go Event App: A Game-Changer for Event Engagement

Deep Linking Push Notifications in the PheedLoop Go Event App: A Game-Changer for Event Engagement

In response to one of our biggest feature requests ever, we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to PheedLoop's Event App - the ability to incorporate deep links into push notifications! This development aims to elevate the user experience by providing more flexibility, customization, and functionality within one of our most extensively utilized features.

For the first time ever, users can seamlessly integrate links within event app push notifications, enabling direct access to specific pages within the Event App. Imagine receiving a notification and with just a tap, being transported to a designated page, enhancing efficiency and user engagement. Let's delve deeper into this innovative feature and explore the many ways it can revolutionize your event experience.

1. Direct Attendees to a Specific Session in the Event App

With the introduction of deep link push notifications, event organizers now have the power to guide attendees directly to a particular session within the Event App. This opens up a world of possibilities for delivering targeted announcements:

Spotlight on Keynote Speakers

Are you eager to shine a spotlight on a distinguished keynote speaker for an upcoming session? Now, with a strategically crafted push notification, attendees can be swiftly directed to the session where the keynote is slated to take place.

Encourage Session Feedback

Engagement is key, and what better way to encourage attendee participation than by using push notifications to prompt feedback? Whether it's a thought-provoking panel discussion or an interactive workshop, attendees can seamlessly navigate to the session feedback section from the notification itself.

Endless Opportunities

The versatility of this feature extends beyond the examples mentioned. Whether you're promoting exclusive content, soliciting questions for a Q&A segment, or simply fostering interaction, the direct link to a specific session provides unparalleled engagement opportunities.

2. Direct Attendees to a Specific Sponsor

Sponsors play a pivotal role in the success of any event, and our new deep link push notifications make recognizing and promoting them a breeze:

Comprehensive Sponsor Profiles

When attendees receive a notification directing them to a sponsor, they won't just land on a generic page. Instead, they'll be treated to a comprehensive sponsor profile. This includes details about their managers, associated sessions as sponsors, and a repository of files, graphics, and descriptions that paint a vivid picture of the sponsor's offerings.

Sponsored Session Showcasing

For events with sponsored sessions, this feature becomes invaluable. Now, event organizers can dynamically promote sponsored content by guiding attendees directly to the relevant sponsor's profile, creating a seamless bridge between notification and engagement.

General Sponsorship Recognition

Even if it's a general shoutout to sponsors, the deep link push notification ensures that attendees can effortlessly explore the sponsor's profile, fostering a stronger connection between sponsors and the event audience.

3. Direct Attendees to a Specific Exhibitor

Similar to the sponsor feature, deep link push notifications can be leveraged to draw attention to specific exhibitors:

Showcasing Exhibitor Initiatives

Imagine an exhibitor hosting a gamification code in the exhibit hall or promoting a unique meeting booking feature. A well-crafted push notification can serve as a spotlight, guiding interested attendees directly to the exhibitor's profile where these initiatives are showcased.

Personalized Exhibitor Highlights

Event organizers can use this feature strategically to highlight specific exhibitors for various reasons - be it showcasing a new product launch, spotlighting a contest, or driving traffic to an exclusive demo.

Wrap Up

The introduction of deep link push notifications marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of event app functionality. As we continue to prioritize user experience and customization, this feature opens up new avenues for event organizers to engage attendees in a targeted, meaningful way. From highlighting sessions and sponsors to amplifying exhibitor initiatives, the possibilities are as diverse as the events themselves.

Embrace the power of deep link push notifications and elevate your event communication strategy to new heights. PheedLoop is proud to be at the forefront of innovation, constantly striving to provide tools that empower event organizers and enhance the overall event experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape the future of event technology!

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