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March 2, 2021
Product Updates

Custom Backgrounds for Virtual Event Streaming in Meet & Stream! Elevate Your Sponsors, Brand, Games and More!

Custom Backgrounds for Virtual Event Streaming in Meet & Stream! Elevate Your Sponsors, Brand, Games and More!

March Promotion - Free Streaming Starter Pack

To celebrate the launch of this upgrade to Meet & Stream, we’re bringing back our free Meet & Stream starter packs! For the month of March, the first 500 new customers coming on board will receive our Meet & Stream starter pack, consisting of 3x 100 viewers credits, 2x 250 viewers credit, and 1x 500 viewers credit (a $650 value). This also works for RTMP streaming. If you're new to the PheedLoop family and joined in March but didn't receive your signup promotion, let us know.

Meet & Stream’s New Custom Backgrounds Feature

PheedLoop’s virtual and hybrid-ready streaming solution, Meet & Stream, has taken on a life of its own over the last few months. Customers love it, so we’re now shifting into the mode of “hey, here’s an awesome native streaming service built-in to an awesome event platform”, to “what can we do to really make this more than a good streaming tool”.

We have a long roadmap of things we want to improve with Meet & Stream, especially focused on hybrid events, and we have some major product announcements coming out in a few weeks. One thing, however, that we’ve seen over and over again is events looking to produce more TV-style content, find more ways to promote sponsors, and just look more professional while doing it all.

Custom backgrounds for streams have turned out to be the most requested feature we’ve seen and heard for streaming in PheedLoop, so we’ve built it right in!

Events that traditionally had to use, OBS, or StreamYard type tools and stream to PheedLoop over RTMP to get custom backgrounds no longer need to do so, it’s all built-in. Those tools are still excellent and have various other neat bells and whistles (and can be seamlessly integrated into PheedLoop), but we’re planning to add many more studio type tools in the future as well. We’re just starting with what people want most.

Custom stream background for virtual events Meet & Stream

How It Works

In your PheedLoop dashboard, you have the ability to upload a Global Meet & Stream Background Image, and/or a session specific Meet & Stream Background Image (which will override the global one). The global image is great as it will automatically apply to all your streams.

The image itself is a 1280 x 720 image, and the bonus is it can be a GIF as well if you want to give your broadcast a more animated feel to it (gentle waves, ticker tapes, slowly transitioning logos, etc. are all great options).

In the broadcast and streamed view from Meet & Stream, the background image will wrap around the attendee video and screen share tiles automatically. We suggest experimenting with a few designs to get this exactly right and the way you want it to look.

For more information about how to set this up for your event, please have a look at our knowledge base article here.

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