Celebrating 4 Years of Partnership with the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE)!

PheedLoop has been the proud event technology partner for the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) for the past four years. As a leading event technology platform, we have worked closely with CSAE to streamline their events, create more engaging experiences, and offer a completely end-to-end solution for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors alike. From individual webinars to regional summits and their flagship annual conference, PheedLoop powers every event that CSAE runs.

What is CSAE?

The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) is a non-for-profit association dedicated to serving association professionals in Canada. With a mission to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities, CSAE plays a vital role in advancing the association sector. They aim to foster collaboration, support professional development, and champion excellence in association management. Through their various events and initiatives, CSAE connects association professionals and empowers them to thrive in their roles. To learn more about CSAE, visit their official website.

On-site Badge Printing & Check-in

One of the key features that PheedLoop provides for CSAE events is the streamlined on-site badge printing and check-in process. With PheedLoop's exclusive technology, CSAE can ensure a seamless experience for attendees even during peak rush times. Our efficient on-site check-in system enables custom messages based on attendee tags, allowing on-site staff to add exclusive ribbons to an attendee's badge, enhancing their networking experience and personalizing their event journey.

Online Registration

CSAE relies on PheedLoop's comprehensive online registration module to manage registrations for their events. By integrating with Wicket, another CSAE partner, PheedLoop ensures that the registration process is mobile-optimized and instantly synced with the event database. The module also includes a reminder email feature that sends automated reminders to prospective registrants, helping to increase attendance and minimize cart abandonment.

Exhibitor Management and Lead Retrieval

Managing exhibitors is a crucial aspect of CSAE's events, and PheedLoop's exhibitor management tool has proven to be invaluable. With over 50 exhibitors at the Annual CSAE Conference alone, the tool simplifies the process for the CSAE organizing team. From collecting insurance information through file uploads to automating tasks for exhibitor registration, PheedLoop's exhibitor management feature streamlines the entire process. Exhibitors also benefit from the ability to update their organizational profile through the exhibitor portal, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for attendees.

Furthermore, PheedLoop offers a lead retrieval feature that allows exhibitors to capture valuable attendee information on-site. This feature enables exhibitors to make notes and instantly access the results through their exhibitor portal. All exhibitors are connected to the PheedLoop interactive map, which is utilized on the event website, event app, and exhibitor application. This map enhances attendee engagement by allowing them to search for, interact with, and favorite exhibitors, maximizing their networking opportunities.

On-site Engagement via the Event App

CSAE leverages PheedLoop's event app extensively, particularly during their Annual Conference. The event app serves as a powerful tool for attendees to personalize their schedule, access event information, and stay engaged throughout the event. Push notifications enable event organizers to communicate important updates and announcements to attendees in real-time, ensuring a seamless and informed experience.

In collaboration with PheedLoop, CSAE has implemented creative and unique gamification executions within the event app. Attendees are encouraged to earn points through scavenger hunt-like challenges, and these points can be exchanged for exciting prizes, adding an element of fun and competition to the event. Moreover, polls and Q&A features are exclusively utilized during sessions to facilitate attendee engagement before, during, and after the event, creating interactive and meaningful experiences.

Closing Thoughts

For the past four years, PheedLoop has been honored to partner with the Canadian Society of Association Executives in their mission to advance the association sector. Through our innovative event technology solutions, we have helped CSAE streamline their events, enhance attendee experiences, and achieve their goals. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting CSAE in their pursuit of excellence in association management. Together, we will create unforgettable events that empower association professionals and foster collaboration within the industry.

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