New Autopilot Mode for Event Streaming!

One of our biggest goals at PheedLoop is to make events as automated as possible so that event planners can focus on more creative aspects of event planning and less on stressful logistics. We’ve found the event planning profession has evolved to accept and expect the jitters, stress, and meticulousness as prerequisites for a successful event - but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve spent the last several years chipping away at solving the stressful side of event planning with newer and greater automation tools, and today we’re unveiling one more that is going to be particularly helpful for PheedLoop users planning virtual or hybrid events!

What’s Autopilot Mode?

Autopilot mode for session live streams essentially allows the automatic toggling on and off of your session’s famous “Enable Stream” button in PheedLoop. This is particularly useful for events with:

  • Hundreds or thousands of sessions
  • Many concurrent tracks and streams
  • Small event planning teams with limited manpower

The Specifics

Autopilot Mode is streaming technology agnostic, meaning any streaming option you choose in PheedLoop will be compatible. Whether you use our native Meet & Stream, RTMP or Upload & Stream tools, the Zoom integration, ClickMeeting, or any other third-party custom code you drop in, it’ll all work the same.

Within seconds of the start and end time you specify for your session, PheedLoop will automatically toggle the stream on or off and it will be perfectly synchronized for all attendees and will work across all timezones (timezones, by the way, are the bane of our engineering team's existence)!

Oh, and as with pretty much everything we release, this is free to use!

To turn this feature on for a session, go to a session's virtual settings and check "Enable Autopilot Stream Mode". If you need to do this for multiple sessions, use the bulk editing tool.

Upload & Stream + Simulive + Autopilot Mode … 100% Free!

We’ve slowly and quietly been taking the whole idea of pre-recorded events to a whole new level. First, we started with offering an industry-first (and only, as far as we know) 100% free streaming service for pre-recorded content (we recently upgraded the per session limit to 2GB, by the way). Second, we launched Simulive, which allows your pre-recorded content to look and feel no different from an actual live session because the playback is always perfectly synchronized for all attendees, in real-time, accounting for timezones and all.

These two powerful features combined have helped event planners (including ourselves for the user conferences we run) to focus on creating high-quality content, unveiling it as if it’s 100% live, and allowing ourselves to manage the live event stress-free so that our time is used engaging attendees and not hustling to organize missing presenters, muted microphones, and mad attendees (the 3 M’s of a failing event, you heard it here first)!

Adding Autopilot Mode now gives PheedLoop-powered events the ultimate trifecta of powerful, touchless, and stress-free streaming experiences all for free. Enjoy!

Road Map

As always, there’s tonnes in the pipeline at PheedLoop to be excited about. Right now our team is extremely busy launching all our refreshed on-site features (new badge printing, check-in, mobile app, floor plan designer, etc.), but we’re also working on the next feature that will help you level up streaming in the same category as Autopilot Mode on the virtual events side. Looking for a hint? It’s called Playlist Mode. No ETA, but it may be coming sooner than you think!

Special Offer!

For any new customers coming on board in April 2021 or renewing their contract, we’re offering Advanced SmartSight for free! Apply this credit to any of your events, any time. If you joined us or renewed in April before this blog post went live, just reach out to our team and we’ll add the credits to your account! We make an effort to provide some free benefits to all new customers to welcome them to the PheedLoop Phamily! Read more here.

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