Attendee Matchmaking! Intelligent and Real-Time Matches to Boost Networking at Hybrid, Virtual, and In-Person Events!

You might have noticed that we’ve been a little quieter on the product announcement side of things for the last week or so, and that’s because we have a whirlwind of products and features in the works that we think you’re going to love!

In the meantime, we’ll just casually drop this mic we’re holding by announcing that we’ve got Attendee Matchmaking live and ready to roll! We’ve been sitting on the official announcement for a while, we know some of you have already been using it and it has been awesome to see just how well it is being received.

Attendee Matchmaking is a new feature that allows you to curate an experience specific to your event that helps attendees with common interests find each other!

How Does Attendee Matchmaking Work

We’re combining the incredible power of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep neural nets to help your attendees find their perfect match. Or at least, that’s what most event tech platforms will tell you ... we like to keep things simple and more honest.

Matchmaking in PheedLoop is designed to work in a way that you define, based completely on the things you believe are important to your attendees. It all starts with you using PheedLoop’s built-in form builder system to create a fully customizable matchmaking survey consisting of multiple choice and single choice questions, along with conditional question logic.

Attendee Event Matchmaking

Once you do so, attendees visiting the networking section of your event will be prompted to respond to your matchmaking survey. With the help of a little bit of algorithmic magic, we determine a match score for each pairing that results from the combined responses of all the attendees at your event, and give each attendee a real-time list of their top 50 matches!

The matchmaking survey can be responded to multiple times by the same attendee to update their responses, and the algorithm will re-generate new matches for your event behind the scenes every few minutes.

Why is Matchmaking Useful?

We’ve powered thousands of events, and one thing that events (especially large ones) struggle with is helping attendees create meaningful connections. This is the case both in-person and virtually.

Attendee Matchmaking allows you to help your attendees break the ice, by connecting with people who share similar interests. We’ve seen people create matchmaking surveys asking people to identify their geographical regions, business or research interests, hobbies, and more!

Combining Matchmaking with things like group networking, attendee badge scanning, PheedLoop Meet, and more will help you create truly memorable experiences for your attendees. You’ll help ensure they walk away with connections to people whom they may have never met before if they didn’t attend your event!

How Much Does it Cost?

Attendee Matchmaking is included for free in the Advanced Networking upgrade PheedLoop offers!

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