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September 9, 2021
Company News

Attend a Free PheedLoop Powered Event - PheedLoop Gamechangers Summit!

Attend a Free PheedLoop Powered Event - PheedLoop Gamechangers Summit!

Register for the Gamechangers Summit Here!

We’re back after another action-packed quarter with our next quarterly user conference - the PheedLoop Gamechangers Summit! Come join us on October 7th to experience a free PheedLoop powered user conference for our customers, partners, and beyond. We’ll be sharing countless product updates, sneak previews, networking opportunities, industry education, games, prizes, musical entertainment, and more. To register and get an early look at the schedule, get started here!

Gamechangers will bring three major things to be excited about.

  1. Community and Member Management: We'll be unveiling a brand new platform for community and member management that our team has been working extremely hard on. This is going to be our single greatest product launch in over 2 years, and it will truly be a gamechanger for years to come.
  2. Focus on Product Education: We're going to focus the entire event on product education - but not just the basics. We're going to be inviting PheedLoop power users to share their tips, tricks, and best practices sharing exactly how they've mastered everything from custom designs, integrations, sponsorship, complex events, massive events, on-site management, and more.
  3. Making Small Events Easier to Run: Although we can't reveal everything just yet, know that running your smaller events is going to become so much simpler, cheaper, and faster. This is an announcement you don't want to miss.
We will also be releasing 10 new features. As a product-first company, it's important that we keep inventing new ways to event and bring everyone along for the ride with us by sharing what PheedLoop has to offer and hear about what you'd like to see us accomplish more of over the next quarter.

As we’ve always said, we work tirelessly to build purpose-built solutions from the ground up, instead of modifying and adapting existing product to create a patchwork of solutions. We take immense pride in the engineering work we do at PheedLoop, and will be putting so much of it on display at Gamechangers. If you’ve attended our previous quarterly user conferences and consider yourselves Trailblazers, Changemakers and Pathfinders, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a Gamechanger too!

We’ll see you and your teams on October 7th, this is an event you’re not going to want to miss! Register here.

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PheedLoop is an all-in-one event management platform for live, virtual and hybrid events. Our platform powers events for associations, corporations, agencies, educational institutions and governments worldwide including Shopify, Government of Canada, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IBM and more. We commit ourselves to being a highly product focused company, and are dedicated to releasing new features and product updates every week since our founding in 2015. We post regular updates like this one to our blog.

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