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June 22, 2020
Product Updates

Announcing Virtual Event CE Credit Tracking, Check-In Surveys, & Certificate Management for Associations & More!

Announcing Virtual Event CE Credit Tracking, Check-In Surveys, & Certificate Management for Associations & More!

Over the last few years, PheedLoop has grown incredibly popular as an end-to-end event management platform for associations and academic institutions. Approximately 50% of PheedLoop powered events fall in this category, and as a result a significant portion of the platform has been optimized to meet the unique needs of member based organizations.

Among many of these unique optimizations has been PheedLoop’s long-standing ability to robustly track session attendance for accreditation purposes. Our mobile event app, in fact, has a QR code and NFC scanner built right in with the ability to scan badges, track check-in/out times, issue certificates, restrict access, etc. These are all critical functions for many events, not only those which are member based as well where tracking session attendance data is important.

With events going completely virtual in recent times, we’ve made massive efforts to help events replicate their on-site experiences virtually, far beyond the table stakes task of streaming content for which hundreds of good options exist.

So, this week we’re excited to announce new virtual session engagement tracking features which plug right into the credit tracking and certificate management systems so many events running on PheedLoop’s platform rely on.

Note that this is powerful for events which aren't necessarily tracking credits, as they can use these new features to gain engagement information in sessions, capture feedback, award points and prizes, share detailed attendance data with sponsors, and more.

  • Create custom check-in surveys using PheedLoop’s form and survey builder for each of your sessions, or a common template to share with all of them (includes conditional questions, text/multiple/single select questions, custom HTML descriptions)
  • Connect check-in surveys to your sessions and set pop-up delays for the surveys
  • Check-in surveys automatically pop-up in the foreground, and can be responded to once per session per attendee
  • Optionally specify credit values for sessions so that the completion of the check-in survey results in credits being added to the attendee’s profile
  • Export all check-in survey data alongside check-in information such as check-in time (survey response time)
  • Optionally export or send customizable and branded PDF certificates of attendance (including credit totals) via your dashboard, or enable the option to allow attendees to download their certificates on-demand via the virtual event portal

If you're an existing PheedLoop customer, simply visit the Virtual Session Settings area of any session in your dashboard, and make sure you're connecting a form created with the "General Survey" category.

If you're considering PheedLoop, book a demo and get instant pricing information here!

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