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June 17, 2021
Product Updates

Announcing PheedLoop's New On-Site Event Touchless Check-In Software and Kiosks!

Announcing PheedLoop's New On-Site Event Touchless Check-In Software and Kiosks!

In-person events are coming back, yay! As vaccines roll out in full-force, our team at PheedLoop couldn’t be more excited to start sharing all the new and updated on-site event technologies our platform is so well-known for. Check-in systems, scanners, badge printing, on-site streaming, staffing, and more are things we’ve mastered over many years, and have spent the last year refreshing - now ready for major releases!

Today, we’re so proud to announce the first in a big wave of new and refreshed on-site event technologies coming to PheedLoop, and that’s our new on-site check-in and badge printing kiosk software - called PheedLoop OnSight!

When we launched PheedLoop OnSight several years ago, it was a simple and effective tool to get your attendees checked-in, badged, and off to your event within seconds. Our primary goal was to shave every second off the process to make everything super efficient on-site. The average check-in and badge print time was 13.5 seconds allowing thousands of attendees to check-in rapidly. Over the course of the pandemic, we decided that PheedLoop OnSight would need to be rebuilt with new goals in mind to not only make it a fast and lightweight tool, but one that is equipped to keep the new normal in mind. So what does PheedLoop OnSight offer?

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PheedLoop On-Site Check-In for Events

Blazing Fast Check-In

PheedLoop OnSight will be even faster! With our new app-synced touchless check-in mode, attendees can check-in and get their badge printed in under 5 seconds! This will be a game changer for events looking to keep their infrastructure and costs low, but process large numbers of attendees in a short amount of time. If you see lines building up, event staff can easily run mobile check-in with all the same functionality and touchless as well requiring nothing but ticket scans!

Touchless Experience

A key consideration for this new version of OnSight was making it as touchless as possible. We’ve done just that! Attendees have the option of simply walking up to a kiosk with OnSight on it, flashing their eBadge on the PheedLoop mobile event app, and instantly receiving a confirmation and printed badge within seconds. The traditional approach of searching and editing using the on-screen keyboard exists too.

Personalized for Attendees

PheedLoop OnSight can be totally customized for each attendee, by presenting different confirmation messages, printing different badge templates, sending custom notifications upon check-in to event admins, and more. This is all based on user tags in the PheedLoop system.

PheedLoop On-Site Check-in IBM THINK

Do-It-Yourself to Reduce Costs

As many of you have experienced, PheedLoop’s on-site services also include hardware rentals and staffing, but what we’ve found is many events simply want to do things themselves after realizing how easy it is to use PheedLoop. So, just like before, OnSight can be used on your own tablets and computers, across just about all device types and operating systems. Feel free to rent kiosks and printers from us, or invest in your own!

Cloud Based Wireless Printing Built-In

Not only is badge printing built-in (and we have some major announcements on this front coming soon), it’s wireless in a whole new way. Most on-site printing solutions are severely limited requiring wired or one-to-one wireless connections (e.g. over bluetooth or local wifi). Not with PheedLoop OnSight! Our printers connect directly to our cloud servers, meaning you can print badges from 1 or 100 devices including your desktop admin dashboard, OnSight kiosks, or even the handheld mobile event app if you find lines are building up. Even better, the PheedLoop team can help you remotely by triggering badge prints from anywhere in the world!

Note: You don’t have to use badge printing with PheedLoop OnSight if you already have your badges pre-printed or handled some other way!

Brandable for Sponsor Exposure

Sponsors are top priority especially when it comes to an attendee’s first impression of your event, usually starting with the on-site registration experience. PheedLoop’s OnSight kiosk software allows you to very easily sync your sponsor list and your event’s branding, to instantly render a branded kiosk for your event!

PheedLoop Check-In System In-Person Events

Synced Across All Software

PheedLoop is truly an ecosystem of event technology. A lot of customers come from the world of event management platforms where large companies sell them a patchwork of products they’ve acquired over the years - nothing seems to talk to each other properly, it’s just messy and frustrating. PheedLoop prides itself on being a platform built by one dedicated team, start to finish. This means everything is extremely synced, including the on-site experience. Checking in and printing works and syncs across the kiosk, dashboard, and mobile app allowing for a tremendous amount of flexibility and consistency.

Affordable and Scalable for All Event Sizes

PheedLoop OnSight, just like any of our other power-ups, costs $950. Simple, transparent, and affordable. Get more pricing info here! It is designed to process approximately 250 attendees per hour, per kiosk (with printing, more without), making it a highly scalable solution for any event!

Get a Demo and Early Access

PheedLoop OnSight will replace our existing on-site systems in the coming days, but if you want to get a jump start and see how OnSight can power your on-site events, there are 2 ways to experience this.

First, register for our Q2 user conference, Pathfinders. Free for everyone, running on the PheedLoop platform, and an opportunity to meet over 1,000 customers and event professionals. We’ll have a session dedicated to PheedLoop OnSight, don’t miss it!

Second, book a demo with our team using this form to learn more about OnSight and all the other tech PheedLoop offers for hybrid, virtual, and on-site events. You’ll also get instant access to pricing and lots of other resources.

PheedLoop Pathfinders Summit Virtual Event

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