Announcing Brand New Live Display Module

Take a look at the incredible brand new interface for our Live Display module.

The Live Display module brings information from your PheedLoop powered event app to big screens live and on-site, so everyone can see the day’s schedule, social feed, leaderboard from gamification, key event information like WiFi login and password, and more. Our new user interface enables a beautiful, auto-scrolling set of screens, with many more widgets coming your way in the next few weeks.

It’s available now! Preview your Live Display by using the portals drop-down in your event dashboard and let us know what you think.

The new Live Display rotates through your event's leaderboard and event feed.

More updates

  • PheedLoop Marketplace now automatically keeps track of prize inventory and will indicate if a prize is out of stock.
  • Speaker data reports are now more comprehensive and include custom questions from speaker contracts.
  • Long forms and surveys now have significantly improved performance so they will load and export more quickly.

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