Advanced Multi-Admin Access Now Available and Free!

Quick Summary - You can add up to 10 members of your team for free to any organization in PheedLoop. Each team member can belong to multiple organizations (great for agencies and resellers), and you can place restrictions on team members to limit which events they can access, and which modules they can access. If you belong to multiple organizations, you can easily switch between the different organizations you belong to with a single login.

The Way We Work is Evolving

Over the last 12 months, the way we all work has changed drastically. With events going largely virtual, we’ve seen more and more of our customers (especially those who were with us for many years before COVID) change the way their teams collaborate and manage events. Namely, teams are more distributed, work is contracted out more, and many event planners have become resellers and consultants for multiple organizations to adapt to shifts in the job market.

In an effort to make the management of PheedLoop events easier for event planners managing large and distributed teams, or multiple organizations, we have now added a far more advanced multi-admin capability to the PheedLoop platform.

This is also part of our promise that the new dashboard we have released will unleash countless new features to help event planners accelerate the way they plan, manage, and eventually automate their events.

Multiple Team Members

From your account’s settings area, you are now able to invite up to 9 additional members of your team to your organization in PheedLoop (for a total of 10, including yourself). There is no additional cost at all for this. If you require more than 10 team members in your organization, contact us as enterprise customers are entitled to higher numbers of team members.

Team Member Restrictions

Each team member you invite can be custom configured to restrict access to two different aspects of your organization. First, you can select precisely which events a specific team member has access to, which is helpful if you have different divisions in your organization with different events and do not want those division team members to accidentally cross over. Second, you can select precisely which modules (e.g. Registration, Attendees, Proposals, etc.) a specific team member has access to. The module-level access restrictions span all events the team member has access to. Module-level restrictions are helpful if you are trying to restrict access to sensitive information. For example, you may hire a contractor to help you manage speakers, but you want to protect your list of attendees, or maybe your sales and finances.

Manage Multiple Organizations

Our reseller partners are going to love this one. Now, customers that manage multiple organizations (typically agencies managing clients) can easily manage individual accounts under a single roof. That means individual users can manage multiple events across multiple organizations with a single login. It gets even better! That user can also manage the accounting and finance for individual organizations as well, which means everything can be centralized for high performance teams.

To switch between organizations, all you have to do is use the dropdown menu at the top left of your dashboard’s landing page or settings area, and you’ll be good to go! Just make sure you’ve invited your primary account from the other organizations you manage.

Stay tuned for some even more exciting updates coming to the dashboard really soon! And if you haven’t registered for our user conference on March 31st full of product reveals and more (run on the PheedLoop platform itself!), register here.

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