Access Made Easy: Introducing the Event App Magic Login Button to PheedLoop Go!

The PheedLoop Go! mobile event app stands out as a favorite among our customers for its effective communication, seamless management, and immersive event experiences. From personalized messaging to streamlined badge scanning, PheedLoop Go! can do it all. 

However, ensuring attendees download the app before your live event can be a challenge. The process of searching for, downloading, and logging into the app can discourage current and potential attendees from joining your community and engaging with other attendees through the mobile app.

Not to worry - we listened to your feedback and came up with a solution that’s unique to PheedLoop! Introducing the Upgrade Event App Magic Login Button, a simple yet powerful solution designed to boost app downloads and foster attendee engagement. With just a click, attendees are seamlessly directed to the PheedLoop Go! app, ready to engage with the amazing content at your event.

Let’s explore how you can leverage this newfound flexibility in your upcoming event!

Enhanced Accessibility of PheedLoop Go! 

With the addition of the upgraded Event App Magic Login Button feature, your attendees can now enjoy unparalleled accessibility to PheedLoop Go! Plus, integrating this feature into your event emails is a breeze. Simply navigate to your event dashboard and seamlessly embed the button into any email template of your choice.

The Magic Login Button is no new addition to PheedLoop - this is a feature we have offered for years. However, the difficulty in the previous version was that if PheedLoop Go! was not already downloaded on the attendee’s device, the link would open the app store and download the app but it would not finish the task of automatically logging the attendee in. This upgraded version of the Magic Login Button will download the app and log the attendee in with one fell swoop! If they choose to view the email on a web browser instead, clicking the button will seamlessly redirect them to a page where they can opt to access PheedLoop Go! via the App Store or visit the Virtual Portal!

By providing multiple options to access the app, we aim to provide everyone unmatched flexibility in how they choose to connect, whether they're on the go or on their desktop!

Increased Awareness, Engagement and Usage 

As mentioned above, encouraging attendees to download the app can be a challenge due to the number of steps required to set up. However, with the introduction of the Event App Magic Login Button, we've streamlined the app download process and maximized access to the app, creating a smoother process for attendees to immerse themselves in the event experience.

Plus, the simplified access to the app doesn't just benefit attendees; it's a game-changer for event organizers too! With fewer barriers to accessing the app, event organizers can expect a boost in event app engagement, setting the stage for increased ROI for sponsors and a dynamic event experience for all involved.

Wrap Up

The App Magic Login Button is just one of the many innovative features we're introducing to the PheedLoop Go! platform. As we continue to shape the event industry with cutting-edge technology, we value our community's feedback and invite you to stay updated on our latest developments via social media. Get ready for more game-changing features coming your way soon!

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