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November 17, 2023
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5 Ways to Maximize Sponsor Visibility with PheedLoop's Event App

5 Ways to Maximize Sponsor Visibility with PheedLoop's Event App

In the ever-evolving landscape of event management, the role of sponsors is paramount. Sponsors provide crucial support, and in return, they expect visibility and brand exposure. PheedLoop's Event App offers a suite of features designed to elevate sponsor recognition within your event. Let's delve into five powerful strategies to amplify sponsor visibility and engagement.

1. Dedicated Event App Graphics: Co-Branded Excellence

Co-Branded Content

In the digital realm, visuals leave a lasting impression. PheedLoop's Event App provides a canvas for co-branded excellence. Two default mobile app images – the Menu Banner Image and Home Banner Image – are prime real estate for highlighting sponsors. Event planners can strategically co-brand these assets, seamlessly integrating sponsor logos and messaging into the very fabric of the event experience.

Sponsor Carousel

Dynamic and attention-grabbing, the Sponsor Carousel is a captivating feature within the event app. It offers a rotating display of sponsor logos, ensuring that each sponsor receives its moment in the spotlight. Attendees scrolling through the app encounter a visually appealing showcase of sponsors, fostering brand recognition and engagement.

Dedicated Sponsor Splash Page Image

The App Splash Screen Sponsor Image is a game-changer. It welcomes attendees with a sponsor-highlighted image every time they open the event app, leaving an indelible impression. This valuable piece of digital real estate is perfect for showcasing premier sponsors, maximizing their visibility, and setting the tone for a sponsor-centric event experience.

2. Dedicated Individual App Page Sponsor: Tailored Recognition

The ability to assign a dedicated sponsor to individual app pages is a revolutionary feature. As attendees navigate through the app, specific pages can now display a sponsor's logo prominently for a set duration. This targeted approach ensures that sponsors receive focused attention, making each page a unique opportunity for tailored sponsor recognition.

3. Gamification Code Sponsorships: Elevate the Experience

Per-Code Sponsor Highlighting

Gamification adds a layer of excitement to events, and now sponsors can be seamlessly integrated into this experience. PheedLoop's Event App allows sponsors to be associated with individual gamification codes. When attendees redeem a code, the sponsor's branding takes center stage, creating a memorable and engaging connection between sponsors and participants.

Prize and Raffle Sponsorships

Gamification codes often unlock prizes or entries into raffles. This presents a golden opportunity for sponsors to offer exclusive prizes or contribute to a raffle, solidifying their presence and generating buzz. Designating sponsorships for prizes and raffles adds a thrilling dimension to the event while aligning sponsors with memorable moments.

4. Session Sponsorships: Spotlight on Knowledge

Sponsor a Specific Session

Knowledge-sharing is a key component of events, and sponsors can now be seamlessly integrated into specific sessions. PheedLoop's Event App allows sponsors to be associated with individual sessions, ensuring their logos are prominently displayed. This targeted approach connects sponsors with relevant content, enhancing their visibility and establishing them as thought leaders in the event space.

5. Sponsor Push Notifications: Direct Engagement

Push notifications are a powerful tool for direct communication with attendees. PheedLoop's Event App enables sponsors to send targeted push notifications, ensuring their messages reach the right audience at the right time. Whether promoting exclusive offers, booth activities, or special announcements, sponsor push notifications create a direct line of engagement, fostering a deeper connection between sponsors and attendees.

PheedLoop's Event App offers a myriad of features to elevate sponsor visibility and engagement. From co-branded graphics and dedicated page sponsorships to gamification code integrations, session sponsorships, and targeted push notifications, event planners now have a robust toolkit to deliver exceptional value to sponsors. By leveraging these features strategically, events can create a win-win scenario, where sponsors receive the visibility they seek, and attendees enjoy a more enriched and engaging event experience.

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