5 Ways to Customize the On-site Badge Label Design with PheedLoop's Badge Label Designer

In the fast-paced world of event management, every detail counts, and the first impression often begins with the on-site badge. PheedLoop's Badge Label Designer is a powerful tool designed to offer unparalleled customization options, allowing event organizers to create badges that go beyond the basics. In this blog post, we will explore five crucial ways you can leverage the Badge Label Designer to meet the unique needs of your event.

1. Customize the Font Size, Text Style, and Placement of the Badge Text

The ability to control every aspect of the on-site badge's text is a game-changer for event organizers. PheedLoop's Badge Label Designer empowers you with the following customization options:

Add as Many Custom Fields as You Need

Unlike generic badge designs, PheedLoop allows you to add custom fields to the badge. Whether it's additional contact information, dietary preferences, or special designations, you have the flexibility to tailor the badge to your event's specific requirements.

Flexible Placement and Sizing

Move beyond one-size-fits-all badges with the freedom to adjust the placement and size of each field. Make crucial information stand out, ensuring attendees can quickly find what they need on their badges.

Justify Text According to Your Design

The Badge Label Designer doesn't restrict you to a single text alignment. Whether you prefer left, center, or right justification, the choice is yours. This flexibility is crucial for creating visually appealing and easy-to-read badges.

Multiple Lines for Fields

Certain information demands more space. PheedLoop's tool allows you to create fields with multiple lines, accommodating lengthy details without compromising the overall design.

The options are limitless, giving you the power to craft badges that align seamlessly with your event's branding and information hierarchy.

2. Add a Variety of Custom Fields to Your Badge

Move beyond the standard attendee details and embrace a new level of customization with a variety of fields tailored to your event's needs:

Unique Fields for Attendees

While traditional badges capture basic information like first and last names, PheedLoop's Badge Label Designer introduces fields that add a personal touch to each attendee's identification:

  • Dietary Restrictions: Ensure special dietary needs are communicated at a glance.
  • Internal Code: Incorporate unique identifiers for internal tracking or security purposes.
  • Custom Tags: Create tags that reflect specific attendee attributes, enabling a more nuanced representation on the badge.
  • State/Province: Add a location element to badges, fostering networking opportunities based on geographic proximity.

Dynamic Tag Customization

Tags offer a highly customizable way to enhance the visual appeal of badges. PheedLoop's system enables you to assign multiple tags to a single attendee and decide which tags appear on their badge. This dynamic feature ensures badges convey precise information relevant to each participant.

3. Print on the Back Side of Badges

Efficiency meets innovation with PheedLoop's capability to print on the back side of Direct Thermal Badges. This unique feature allows for a streamlined badge printing process and introduces creative possibilities:

Fan-Folded Badge Printing

Direct Thermal Badges offer a fan-folded configuration, optimizing the printing process for speed and efficiency. The fan-folded style ensures a quick turnaround without compromising on quality.

Upside-Down Printing

Consider utilizing the back side of badges by printing information upside down. PheedLoop's Label Designer provides the flexibility to rotate fields, ensuring information on the back side is easily readable despite the unconventional orientation.

This innovative approach opens up opportunities for additional event details, sponsor information, or dynamic QR codes, providing attendees with a comprehensive event experience directly through their badges.

4. Print Personal Schedules on Badges

Make attendee experience a priority by incorporating personalized schedules directly onto their badges. PheedLoop's Label Designer offers a unique feature that enhances convenience and engagement:

Selective Printing for Clarity

While the ability to print personal schedules is powerful, organizers are encouraged to be selective. Choosing a specific set of sessions ensures that the badge real estate is used wisely, preventing overcrowding and maintaining a clean design.

Quick Reference for Attendees

Printing personal schedules on badges provides attendees with a quick and accessible reference point for their itinerary. This feature is particularly valuable for events with a packed agenda, where instant access to schedules can enhance the overall attendee experience.

5. Print Perforated Tickets on Badges

Transform badges into functional tools with PheedLoop's capability to print perforated tickets. This innovative feature, coupled with Direct Thermal Badges, opens up a world of possibilities for event organizers:

Versatile Ticket Options

Direct Thermal Badges, when paired with the Badge Label Designer, enable the creation of perforated tickets with customizable information. These tickets, typically blank, can serve various purposes:

  • Drink Tickets for Socials: Enhance networking events with designated drink tickets.
  • Raffle Tickets for Prizes: Integrate raffle elements seamlessly into your event with printed tickets.
  • Redeemable Tickets for Excursions: Provide attendees with tangible proof for excursions or special activities.

Individual QR Code Printing

The Badge Label Designer ensures that each ticket's individual QR code is printed, allowing for easy integration with PheedLoop's Ticket Scanner feature. This not only streamlines event logistics but also enhances security and tracking capabilities.


PheedLoop's Badge Label Designer is a versatile and powerful tool that goes beyond traditional badge customization. By exploring and utilizing its features, event organizers can elevate the on-site experience for attendees, streamline logistics, and create a memorable and impactful event. From font customization to the incorporation of perforated tickets, the Badge Label Designer is a comprehensive solution for crafting badges that leave a lasting impression. Embrace the possibilities, customize with confidence, and set the stage for a successful and seamlessly organized event.

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