5 Ways to Automate Your Call for Abstracts Using PheedLoop’s Proposal Management System

The success of any event relies heavily on the quality of content delivered to attendees. Whether it's seeking the best speakers for your event or reviewing academic posters and presentations, managing proposals is a critical aspect of event planning. This is where PheedLoop comes in, offering a powerful Proposal Management System that provides deep customization and end-to-end planning capabilities for events of any size. From initial proposal submission to reviewing and accepting/denying applications, PheedLoop's Proposal Management system streamlines the entire process. In this feature highlight post, we'll explore five ways you can automate your call for papers/abstracts using PheedLoop's Proposal Management System.

What is Proposal Management?

Before diving into the specifics, let's take a moment to understand what the proposal management process entails. Proposal management involves collecting, reviewing, and managing submissions for speaking opportunities, academic posters, or presentations. It ensures fair and efficient evaluation of proposals by a reviewing committee, and ultimately enables the selection and management of speakers and sessions for the event.

1. Deeply Customize Your Call for Proposals

PheedLoop's Proposal Management System offers unparalleled customization capabilities for your Call for Proposals. You can create an unlimited number of application forms, each tailored to specific calls or themes. This flexibility allows you to collect the right information from applicants for each proposal. Moreover, PheedLoop provides default properties such as Tracks, Audiences, or Formats, which can be used to categorize and identify sessions within the Event App and Virtual Portal.

Whether you need to gather co-presenters, application files, or speaker information like profiles, pictures, and biographies, PheedLoop's system can accommodate all your requirements. The platform empowers event organizers to create comprehensive and tailored application forms, ensuring they capture all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

2. Allow Proposal Applicants to Make Edits via the Submission Portal

PheedLoop's Proposal Management System simplifies the communication between applicants and event organizers. Applicants can easily check their application status and make updates or changes directly through their personalized submission portal. This eliminates the need for endless email exchanges, streamlining the process for both parties.

Through the Submission Portal, applicants have complete control over their submissions. They can make edits, review their application status, and stay informed about the progress of their proposals. Event administrators also have the option to lock certain features or hide specific information, providing a tailored experience while maintaining control over the process.

3. Automated Proposal Reviews via the Proposal Reviewer Portal

The reviewer process is a crucial step in the proposal management workflow. PheedLoop's Proposal Management System offers an automated and efficient way to facilitate proposal reviews. The system allows event organizers to assign an unlimited number of reviewers, each with their personalized portal.

Reviewers can provide real-time feedback and evaluate proposal applications through their dedicated portals. Event administrators can provide clear instructions to reviewers, ensuring consistency and a streamlined review process. Proposals can be automatically assigned to reviewers based on various criteria, such as the call or default properties like Tracks, Formats, and Audiences. PheedLoop even offers an auto-assign feature to distribute proposals evenly among reviewers, avoiding an overwhelming workload for any individual reviewer.

4. Accept, Deny and Provide Notes to Proposal Applicants

Once the proposal applications have been reviewed, PheedLoop's Proposal Management System enables event organizers to inform applicants instantly through the PheedLoop Dashboard. Organizers can set the status of each application as either Accepted or Denied. This functionality allows for quick and efficient communication with applicants.

By approving or denying proposals, event administrators can trigger automated emails to applicants, notifying them about the status of their applications. In addition, administrators can provide personalized notes for each proposal, ensuring clear communication and feedback. Accepted proposals are seamlessly transitioned into the system as sessions, with the speakers and co-authors/co-presenters automatically added to the platform.

5. Confirm Proposal Applicants as Speakers via the Speaker Contract Feature

To further streamline the proposal application process, PheedLoop's Proposal Management System includes a Speaker Contract feature. Event administrators can create a customizable Speaker Agreement that can be assigned to all accepted proposal applicants. Before accessing their Speaker Portal, speakers are required to digitally sign the agreement, which is then sent to them as a PDF.

The Speaker Contract feature ensures that all accepted speakers acknowledge and adhere to the terms and conditions set by the event. This automated process reduces administrative overhead and ensures a smooth transition from proposal acceptance to speaker management.


PheedLoop's Proposal Management System provides event organizers with a comprehensive suite of tools to automate and streamline the call for papers/abstracts process. From deep customization options to personalized submission and reviewer portals, this system ensures efficiency and fairness throughout the proposal management lifecycle. By seamlessly integrating proposal review, acceptance, and speaker management, PheedLoop empowers event organizers to deliver exceptional content and provide a seamless experience for both speakers and attendees.

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