5 Unique Ways to Offer Discounted Tickets on PheedLoop

Registration and ticket management are pivotal aspects of any event, serving as the gateway to a seamless attendee experience. Recognizing the diverse needs of organizers, PheedLoop offers a range of options to facilitate discounted ticket offerings. In this feature highlight post, we’ll explore five unique features within PheedLoop that empower organizers to tailor their ticketing strategies for optimal results. 

1. Create Multiple Ticket Types with Automated Publish Dates

One of the most effective ways to entice early registration is by employing a tiered pricing structure. PheedLoop simplifies this process through the creation of multiple ticket types with automated publish dates. This feature allows organizers to schedule when each ticket type becomes available and, equally importantly, when it becomes unavailable. 

By strategically setting publish dates and times, organizers can implement early bird, regular, and late ticket prices effortlessly. This not only generates a sense of urgency among potential attendees but also streamlines the ticketing process, ensuring that the right ticket is available at the right time. 

2. Create a Promotion Code

PheedLoop's Promotion Code feature is a versatile tool that adds a layer of customization to discount management. Organizers can effortlessly provide flat rate or percentage-based discounts on the total registration cart. However, the flexibility doesn't end there.

Promotion Codes can be fine-tuned to activate only when specific conditions are met. Whether it's triggering discounts based on certain tickets in the cart, setting a minimum purchase amount, or providing a direct access link for automatic code application, organizers have unparalleled control over their discount strategies.

3. Create a Protected Ticket

For exclusive offers and targeted promotions, the Protected Ticket feature in PheedLoop is a game-changer. Imagine offering a ticket that remains hidden from the public eye until accessed through a special link. This feature is particularly effective for VIP or limited-access ticketing scenarios.

With the ability to create multiple protected tickets under a single link, organizers can orchestrate personalized and discreet promotions. This not only adds an element of exclusivity but also enhances the overall user experience by presenting tailored options to specific segments of the audience.

4. Utilize Ticket Breaks

Ticket Breaks, a dynamic feature within PheedLoop, enables organizers to incentivize bulk purchases. By offering a specific discount once a predetermined number of tickets is added to the cart, organizers can encourage attendees to buy more tickets, thus unlocking discounted pricing.

This feature is flexible, allowing organizers to set ticket breaks on individual tickets or for entire registration categories. For instance, if the goal is to sell more single tickets, setting a ticket break at three tickets could reduce the price per ticket, offering a compelling incentive for attendees to purchase additional tickets.

5. Use PheedLoop’s Community Management System

PheedLoop’s integration of a robust Community Management System opens up new possibilities for organizers, especially those managing membership-based organizations. This system seamlessly synchronizes with the event registration system, enabling organizers to provide members with exclusive access to discounted pricing.

By gating access to certain tickets based on membership levels, PheedLoop ensures a smooth experience for members. Real-time updates on membership status empower organizers to dynamically adjust access levels, allowing members to instantly benefit from event ticket discounts upon acquiring or renewing their memberships.


PheedLoop's array of features for offering discounted tickets provides organizers with unparalleled flexibility and control. Whether it's scheduling tiered ticket releases, implementing customized promotion codes, creating exclusive offers through protected tickets, incentivizing bulk purchases with ticket breaks, or seamlessly integrating membership-based discounts, PheedLoop empowers organizers to tailor their ticketing strategies for maximum impact.

As the events landscape continues to evolve, having a versatile and feature-rich ticketing platform like PheedLoop becomes not just an advantage but a necessity. By leveraging these five unique features, organizers can not only streamline their ticketing processes but also enhance attendee engagement, satisfaction, and overall event success.

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