5 Best Practices to Run a Seamless On-site Check-in Experience

As event planners, creating a positive first impression for attendees is crucial. The on-site check-in experience sets the tone for attendees' overall event experience. It is the first touchpoint where they interact with your event, gather information, and get ready for what is sure to be an incredible experience. As an event planner, it is vital to make this process seamless and efficient. In this blog post, we will explore five best practices to run a seamless on-site check-in experience, focusing on utilizing on-demand badge printing, sending QR codes for check-in, customizing attendee experiences with tags, creating check-in notifications, and implementing onsite registration solutions.

1. Use On-demand Badge Printing to Manage Attendee Badges More Efficiently

When it comes to managing attendee badges, on-demand badge printing is a game changer for event planners. In the past, pre-printed badges required significant labor to sort and distribute to attendees. However, with on-demand badge printing, event planners have a blank canvas of badges that can be customized and printed in a matter of seconds. This approach eliminates the need for manual sorting and allows for greater flexibility in personalizing badges with attendees' names and information. PheedLoop's on-demand badging solution offers various options, including printing directly on the badge or using labels, providing a versatile solution for different event scenarios.

2. Streamline the Check-in Process with QR Code Scanning

To enhance the efficiency and speed of the check-in process, consider incorporating QR codes for attendees. By sending unique QR codes to attendees in advance, event planners can streamline the check-in process at on-site kiosks. Attendees simply scan their QR codes, instantly checking themselves in and receiving their badges. This eliminates the need for attendees to provide their names or search for themselves on tablets, resulting in a faster and more seamless check-in experience. QR codes are particularly useful for events with a large number of attendees checking in within a short period, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

3. Customize Your Attendee's Check-in Experience with Tags

Events often cater to different groups of participants, each receiving specific benefits and experiences. To provide a personalized check-in experience, event planners can leverage tags. Tags allow for the customization of check-in experiences based on attendee groups or roles. PheedLoop's event management platform offers a robust tagging system, allowing event planners to create and associate tags with different groups of participants. During the check-in process, unique messages can be displayed to attendees based on their tags, ensuring they receive relevant information and assistance. For example, VIP guests can receive special merchandise and lanyards, while speakers can be promptly directed to their speaking engagements with unique instructions presented to them from the check-in kiosk.

4. Create Email and SMS Check-in Notifications

In many cases, event planners want specific individuals within their organization to be instantly notified when important attendees check-in. Whether it's high-profile guests or prospects invited by the sales team, timely notifications help facilitate personalized greetings and interactions. PheedLoop's event management platform offers the ability to set up email and SMS notifications based on attendee tags. This feature allows designated individuals to receive instant notifications when attendees with specific tags check-in. By promptly alerting key members of the organization, event planners can ensure that important individuals receive the attention they deserve, creating a memorable and impactful first impression.

5. Implement Onsite Registration Solutions

Walk-in registrants are common at events, and efficiently managing their registration is essential. PheedLoop's event management solutions include onsite check-in kiosks that allow walk-in attendees to register, purchase tickets, and print badges autonomously. This self-service option significantly reduces wait times and streamlines the check-in process, especially when dealing with a large influx of walk-in registrants. By allowing attendees to complete their registration quickly and efficiently, event planners can ensure a smooth and seamless on-site check-in experience.


A seamless on-site check-in experience is a critical element in creating a positive first impression for event attendees. By implementing best practices such as on-demand badge printing, QR code check-in, customized experiences with tags, check-in notifications, and onsite registration solutions, event planners can streamline the process, reduce wait times, and maximize attendee satisfaction. Whether using PheedLoop's comprehensive event management platform or other tools available in the market, embracing these best practices will undoubtedly contribute to a memorable and successful event. By leveraging technology and thoughtful planning, event planners can set the stage for a remarkable event experience from the very first touchpoint.

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