4 Unique Ways to Capture Event Feedback in PheedLoop
December 13, 2023

Capturing feedback for an event is not just a routine task; it's a critical component of refining and enhancing future experiences. Event feedback is the compass that guides event planners towards improvement, innovation, and ultimately, success. In the ever-evolving landscape of event management, PheedLoop emerges as an all-in-one solution, offering diverse touchpoints to capture invaluable feedback. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore four unique ways you can leverage PheedLoop to capture event feedback strategically.

1. Capture Event Feedback during the Registration and Application Process

PheedLoop's comprehensive system extends beyond just ticketing. It provides a dedicated Registration system for attendees to purchase tickets, allowing planners to incorporate tailored questions during this crucial step. The ability to ask specific questions on a per-ticket or per-registrant basis empowers organizers to delve into the motivations driving attendance.

Moreover, PheedLoop's Application system for Exhibitors and Sponsors mirrors this functionality. Planners can seamlessly embed custom questions within the application process, paving the way for insightful feedback. This dual functionality not only streamlines the registration and application processes but also acts as an initial touchpoint to understand attendee and exhibitor expectations.

2. Send a Post-Event Survey via Pre-Scheduled Announcements

The post-event phase is a golden opportunity to gather comprehensive feedback. PheedLoop facilitates this process by allowing organizers to send post-event surveys through pre-scheduled announcements. This can take the form of emails or push notifications, ensuring that your attendees are prompted to provide feedback even after the event has concluded.

The flexibility offered by PheedLoop is noteworthy; event planners can choose to create the survey within the platform or utilize external survey tools, all while leveraging PheedLoop's communication infrastructure. This feature transforms the often-overlooked post-event phase into a valuable source of insights, helping organizers understand what worked well and areas that demand improvement.

3. Session-Based Feedback

In the dynamic PheedLoop event ecosystem, capturing feedback on a per-session basis becomes a seamless process. Attendees can be prompted to share their thoughts and opinions during the event itself, whether in-person through the Event App or virtually via the Virtual Portal.

Custom Forms, a powerful tool within PheedLoop, empowers planners to create tailored surveys for each session. The real-time nature of this feedback mechanism enables organizers to gauge attendee sentiment immediately. Push notifications can be strategically deployed to encourage active participation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the event's impact on attendees.

4. Live Polls and Q&A

Live engagement during sessions is a hallmark of successful events, and PheedLoop enhances this experience with Live Polls and Q&A. These interactive touchpoints transcend the boundaries of in-person and virtual events, providing a platform for real-time interaction.

Q&A serves as a dedicated space for attendees to pose questions, fostering engagement and interaction. Simultaneously, Live Polls offer a dynamic way to gauge audience sentiment and preferences. The beauty of these touchpoints lies not just in their real-time interactivity but in the convenience of downloading insights through the Data and Reports dashboard. Event planners can effortlessly access and analyze the collected data, gaining valuable insights for future event planning.


In the fast-paced world of event management, where every detail contributes to the success of an event, capturing feedback is not just a task but a strategic imperative. PheedLoop's multifaceted approach to feedback collection, spanning registration, post-event, session-based, and interactive touchpoints, empowers event planners to glean actionable insights.

By strategically leveraging these features, organizers can not only enhance the attendee experience but also refine future events. In the dynamic landscape of event planning, where adaptability and innovation are key, PheedLoop stands as a reliable ally, offering a comprehensive toolkit to capture, analyze, and implement event feedback effectively. Embrace these four unique ways to capture event feedback in PheedLoop, and propel your events towards unparalleled success.

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